Oct 29, 2011

Nearly Naked Bakery Burglar Busted

Brazil News

| BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil – An unusual story caught our attention this morning: a burglar—clad only in underwear—attempted to rob a bakery in Varginha, about 148 miles south of the state capital, and was arrested after an altercation with the bakery's owner, according to a story on G1.

Burglar clad only in underwear caught by security cameras robbing a bakery.

Nearly nude burglar (photo: g1.globo.com)

Man Shot Dead in the Garden of Allah

Brazil News

| SALVADOR, Brazil – A man was shot dead inside the car he was driving Saturday morning in the Garden of Allah, on the edge of the capital, Salvador. Civil Police (PC) and Military Police (PM) are on the scene investigating the shooting. They have not released any more information about the crime, according to g1.globo.com.

Man shot dead in his car in Salvador. Robbery of Federal Policeman resulted in shooting.

Dead in Garden of Allah (photo: G1.globo.com)

Oct 28, 2011

Rio Inaugurates New Bicycle Rental System

Rio Inaugurates New Bicycle Rental System < meta name="description" content="RIO DE JANEIRO – With the help of popular TV host Luciano Huck and Mayor Eduardo Paes, the city inaugurated a new bicycle rental program Friday. The system, developed with the utility company Serttel provides for the installation of 60 bike rental stations in 14 districts in the South Zone to be completed by 13 December." />
by Michael Hone

Huck and the Mayor take a ride through the Marvelous City

RIO DE JANEIRO – With the help of popular TV host Luciano Huck and Mayor Eduardo Paes, the city inaugurated a new bicycle rental program Friday. The system, developed with the utility company Serttel provides for the installation of 60 bike rental stations in 14 districts in the South Zone to be completed by 13 December, reported O Globo online.

TV host Luciano Huck and Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes inaugurate the new bicycle rental system in the city, Friday 28 October 2011

Huck and Paes (photo: terra.com.br)

Woman Kills Husband Without Remorse

Woman Kills Husband Without Remorse
by Michael Hone

She says she only meant to poke him with the knife “but it went in deep”

VITORIA, Espirito Santo – A woman killed her husband with a thrust of a carving knife after catching him red-handed in the company of his mistress, in the Jardim Tropical neighborhood of metropolitan Vitoria, on Thursday, reported the G1 network.

Solange de Oliveira who says she 'only meant to poke him with the knife, but it went in deep' showed no remorse.

Solange de Oliveira killed husband (photo: G1)

Record Marijuana Seizure 756 Kg

Brazil News

| VITORIA, Brazil – Federal Police (PF) arrested two men with 756 kilos of marijuana in a truck stopped at a gas station in the town of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, 63 miles south of the Espirito Santo state capital, Vitoria, early Friday morning, reported the G1 network.

756 kilos of marijuana record seizure made by Brazilian Federal Police in the state of Espirito Santo on Friday 28 October 2011

756 Kilos of pot (photo: Federal Police/G1)

Pregnant Woman Falls Ten Floors & Lives

Pregnant Woman Falls Ten Floors & Lives
by Michael Hone

Mother and baby doing fine after tree breaks fall

FLORIANOPOLIS, Santa Catarina – A pregnant woman slipped and fell from the tenth floor of a highrise apartment building in the capital at about 5:30 pm Thursday night. First reports indicate that Daiane Beatriz Maciel, was cleaning windows of an apartment in a highrise building on Esteves Junior Street when she slipped and fell ten floors.

Governor Celso Ramos Hospital where Daiane Beatriz Maciel was taken after plunging 10 floors from a highrise apartment building.

Hospital Governador Celso Ramos (photo: grandefm.com.br

Oct 27, 2011

Hashish Continues to Flow From Paraguay

Brazil News

| CURITIBA, Brazil – Federal Police (PF) arrested a 22-year-old man on Wednesday who tried to board a flight in Iguassu Falls with 2.08 kilos of hashish on his person. According to the PF, the drug was divided into packages bound to his legs, hidden under his pants.

Two kilos of hashish bound to a mans legs and in the soles of his shoes as he tried to board a flight to Rio de Janeiro at the international airport in Iguassu Falls

Hashish bound to legs (photo: Federal Police)

Mayoral Candidate Subject to Assassins Lead

Mayoral Candidate Subject to Assassins Lead
by Michael Hone

Primary mayoral candidate hit by bullets in Palmas, Tocantins

PALMAS, Tocantins – Thursday afternoon at 4:45 parishioners at House of Mary Queen of Peace catholic church were waiting for mass to begin when they heard shots ring out. Outside, Antônio Araújo Costa Filho, a bureaucrat at the Court of Justice, and three-time mayoral candidate in the town of Araguacema, lay in the street bleeding, according to an article on ojornal.net.

Mayoral candidate Antônio Araújo Costa Filho shot in Palmas, Tocantins Brazil

Attempted political assassination in Tocantins

Parana Aquarium Set to Open in February

Parana Aquarium Set to Open in February
by Michael Hone

Expected to draw 300,000 visitors per year

CURITIBA, Parana – The city of Paranagua expects to inaugurate the new U.S. $3 million Aquário Marinho de Paranaguá, which is nearing completion, in February of 2012. Originally scheduled for opening in July of this year, delays in construction necessitated pushing back the opening date of the 24,000 square foot facility until February.

Marine Aquarium of Paranagua, Parana (Aquário Marinho de Paranaguá)

New Marine Aquarium Paranagua (photo: riknaidques.blogspot.com)

Oct 26, 2011

Woman and Cohorts Fake Her Own Kidnapping

Woman and Cohorts Fake Her Own Kidnapping
by Michael Hone

Spanish husband target of plot

GOIANIA, Goias – Two women were arrested Tuesday afternoon in Goiania, and police are looking for two others, for conspiring to fake a kidnapping. According to the Special Criminal Investigation Police (DEIC), the women intended to extract a ransom from the husband of the false kidnap victim, a Spaniard with whom she lived for a year in Brazil.

Woman in police custody accused of faking her own kidnapping in order to collect ransom from Spanish husband

Under arrest for fake kidnapping (photo: g1.globo.com)

Gang Arrested Renting Guns to Criminals

Gang Arrested Renting Guns to Criminals
by Michael Hone

Two .38 caliber revolvers, drugs, cash and replica machine gun seized

FORTALEZA, Ceara – Civil Narcotics Police on Tuesday afternoon arrested a gang accused of trafficking drugs and renting weapons to criminals for use in robberies and killings. News of the raid, in the Luciano Cavalcante neighborhood of Fortaleza, was reported on various media sites.

Police found two .38 caliber revolvers, $R42 cash, and a replica machine gun of 'excellent quality'

Seized guns and cash (photo: jangadeiroonline.com.br)

Hail Storm Hits the Amazon Capital

Hail Storm Hits the Amazon Capital
by Michael Hone

Hail not unheard of in Amazon in October

MANAUS, Amazonas – Several neighborhoods of South Central Zone, Midwest and West of the Amazonian capital, Manaus, were hit by a hailstorm at around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon, reported authorities.

Hail in the Amazon Capital Manaus 25 October 2011

Hail in the Amazon (photo: Antonio Lopes)

Federal Police Seize 1.7 Tons of Marijuana

Federal Police Seize 1.7 Tons of Marijuana
by Michael Hone

Three Paraguayans also arrested in Parana bust

CURITIBA, Parana – Federal Police (PF) in Iguassu Falls seized 1.7 tons of drugs Tuesday afternoon after pulling over a van containing cargo from Paraguay. The three Paraguayans in the van did not have importation documentation for the boxes in the van, prompting police to intensify the inspection which led to the discovery of the marijuana.

Marijuana seized Tuesday in Parana

1.7 Tons of Marijuana (photo: terra.com/Federal Police)

Oct 25, 2011

Congress Passes New Money Laundering Law

Brazil News

| Brasilia – The House of Representatives approved on Tuesday, in extraordinary session, bill 3443/2008 amending legislation that deals with money laundering in Brazil. The main change is the decoupling of the crime of laundering from the source of the money being washed.

Câmara dos Deputados do Brasil – Brazilian Congress Building

Brazilian Congress (photo: amatra13.org.br)

Real-time Bus Info Coming to Cellphones

Real-time Bus Info Coming to Cellphones
by Michael Hone

Recife metro area transit delves into 21st Century technology

RECIFE, Pernambuco – Public transportation in greater Recife may never be the same after this year. By the middle of 2012, real-time information, on a bus-by-bus basis, throughout the metropolitan Recife area, will be available on smartphone screens, announced the governor on Tuesday.

Real-time bus info coming to smartphones in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

Smartphones display live transit info (photo: TV Globo)

Couple Arrested with 58 Kilos Crack Cocaine

Couple Arrested with 58 Kilos Crack Cocaine
by Michael Hone

Drugs hidden in automobile

CURITIBA, Parana – A couple was arrested transporting 58 kilograms of crack cocaine in the early hours of Tuesday, near the town of Cascavel in western Parana. According to the Federal Highway Police (PRF), the drugs were hidden in the backseat of the car that was traveling towards the capital on highway BR-227.

58 Kilos of crack cocaine was hidden under the back seat of the car.

58 Kilos crack (photo: Federal Highway Police)

Moroccan Woman Arrested Carrying Cocaine


BRASILIA – Federal Police announced the arrest of a woman late Monday afternoon at Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport in Brasília carrying 745 clothing buttons stuffed with cocaine. The woman, of Moroccan nationality, carried the buttons hidden inside her suitcase. Police discovered the drugs during a routine screening.

Cocaine hidden in buttons (for clothing) and carried by a Moroccan woman attempting to board a flight to Europe at the Juscelino Kubitschek Internacional Airport, in Brasília. (Reuters)

Cocaine hidden in buttons (photo: Federal Police)

Paraplegic Walks After Stem Cell Therapy

Brazil News

| SALVADOR, Brazil – Six months after receiving transplanted adult stem cells in Salvador, former Military Policeman Major Mauricio Ribeiro took his first, tentative steps. He fell off a roof and spent the last nine years without any movement from the waist down, reported the G1 network on Tuesday.

Paralyzed Policeman, Mauricio Ribeiro, takes first steps after receiving pioneering stem cell therapy at in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Policeman takes first steps after 9 years paralysis (photo: g1.globo.com)

Oct 24, 2011

Taxi Driver Declares "I Love Goiania"

Brazil News

| GOIANIA, Brazil - “I love Goiania, as a whole,” says Aprigio Moreira, a taxi driver who moved to the city when he was 13 years old. He says that the city's residents are very welcoming and easy to connect with. Moreira spoke with Versanna Carvalho of the G1 network, today, the 78th anniversary of the founding of the city.

Taxi driver Aprigio Moreira pictured in his taxi cab on the streets of the capital, Goiania, Goias, Brazil. Today, 24 October is the 78th anniversary of the founding of Goiania.

Click on image to enlarge (photo: Versanna Carvalho G1)

Burglar Passes Out After Finding Rum

Brazil News Dispatch

SAO PAULO – Police arrested a young man over the weekend in Americana, 71 miles from the capital, after he broke into a vegetable stand to steal fruits, vegetables, eggs and a chicken. After gathering his booty, he found a bottle of rum beside a chair and apparently decided to rest and have a drink.

Americana is a municipality in the state of Sao Paulo. It has a population (2010) of about 200,000, many of whom are descendants of refugees from the Confederate States of America who immigrated after the U.S. Civil War

Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Importer Fined for Medical Waste

Brazil News Dispatch

RECIFE, Pernambuco – The Brazilian Institute of Environmental and Natural Resources (IBAMA) fined the company Imperio do Forro de Bolso, the Pernambuco textile company responsible for importing tons of medical waste from the United States, about U.S. $3.4 million dollars. The company that owns the ship that brought the two containers seized at the Port of Suape on 11 and 13 October, Hamburg Sud, was fined about U.S. $1.12 million dollars.

Imperio do Forro de Bolso fined $3.4 million U.S. for importing hazardous medical waste from South Carolina

photo: Beto Oliveira/AE

28th Oktoberfest in Blumenau Ends

Brazil News Dispatch

BLUMENAU, Santa Catarina – The organizers of the Oktoberfest in Blumenau announced on Monday that attendance at the 28th edition of the event, which began on October 6th and ended on Sunday, reached 563,925 people. The event, held each year in German Village, attracted more visitors than had been expected by the organizing committee which projected an attendance of 550,000.

Fernanda Barbosa (center) Queen of Oktoberfest. Also pictured, First Princess Mariane Klann, Second Princess Danieli Sutil Muniz. 28th Annual Octoberfest Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Click image to enlarge (Photo: Eraldo Schnaider)

Bridge Over Rio Negro Inaugurated

(Brazil News Dispatch)

MANAUS, Amazonas – President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff and former President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva, joined the governor of Amazonas, Omar Jose Abdel Azziz in attending the inauguration of the Black River Bridge on Monday, 24 October. The 3.5 km bridge, which cost more than one billion reals (about U.S. six hundred million dollars), connects the capital of Amazonas, Manaus to its neighbor across the river, Iranduba.

The concrete used to build the Black River Bridge (Ponte Rio Negro) is sufficient to build Marcarna stadium three times

Click image to enlarge (Photo: Chico Batata)