Feb 11, 2012

'Riot' Onboard TAM Flight Forces Landing

Brazil News |

PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil – A TAM airline flight from Montevideo, Uruguay, bound for Sao Paulo made an emergency landing Saturday. According to Folha de Sao Paulo, a man onboard the flight, identified as an employee of the company's operations department assaulted crew and tried to storm the cockpit.

TAM Aircraft for illustration only

TAM Airliner for Illustration Only (Photo: blogos.com)

Video: Thieves Loot Store in 18 Seconds

Brazil News |

GOIANIA, Brazil – Early Friday morning, security cameras recorded three men looting a clothing store in downtown Rio Verde. Scared off by an alarm, they spent only 18 seconds inside the store but still managed to run off with about 40 pair of pants and 50 shirts.

Store Looted in 18 Seconds (Video G1 GO)

Feb 10, 2012

Photos of Jail Inmates Partying Surface

Brazil News

| CURITIBA, Brazil – The warden of a jail in southern Brazil has been dismissed after photos surfaced showing inmates having a party. Brazil is not known for according jail inmates luxuries, so the photos, taken in Bandeirantes jail in northern Parana state, which show inmates living it up in an inflatable pool with beer, barbeque, cellphones and tobacco has caused public outrage.

Inmates party with beer, tobacco, cellphones, swimming pool and barbeque in southern Brazil

Inmates Booze it Up (Photo: G1 PA)

13.7 Pound Baby Born in Southern Brazil

Brazil News

| FLORIANOPOLIS, Brazil – Physicians at the Passo Fundo City Hospital were caught off-guard Friday morning when they delivered a gigantic baby. According to the hospital, a pregnant woman gave birth to a 6.2 kg (13.7 lb) 57 cm (24.5 inch) baby boy.

Super Baby Felipe, weighing 13.7 lbs, was born in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil on Friday 10 February 2012.

Felipe 13.7 lbs (Photo: Passo Fundo City Hospital/G1 RS)

Feb 9, 2012

Man Walks Out of Bank with Stolen Cash

Brazil News

| RECIFE, Brazil – A lone man walked into a bank yesterday morning and walked out a few minutes later with a pouch full of cash. According to police, the robber left the bank with the bag of money after asking to use the restroom. The theft was recorded by the office security cameras and is now being analyzed by investigators.

Banco do Brasil does many good deeds in Recife, such as sponsoring this Brazilian Girls Beach Volley Ball team.

Banco do Brasil Recife Beach Volley team (Photo: beachvolleyforever.blogspot.com)

Feb 8, 2012

Special “Gay” Restrooms for Sao Paulo?

Brazil News |

SAO PAULO – A Sao Paulo city councilman is proposing the creation of “unisex” public restrooms for use by gays, lesbians and transvestites. The councilman, who last year proposed the creation of a Sao Paulo Heterosexual Pride Day, says the gay restrooms would be in addition to the more traditional male and female restrooms.

Sao Paulo city councilman Carlos Apolinário, who last year proposed a Sao Paulo Heterosexual Pride Day, is now proposing a third type of public restroom, for use by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

Carlos Apolinário (Photo: meionorte.com)

Feb 7, 2012

Flavio de Carvalho Exhibition Opens

Brazil News

| BRASILIA – An exhibition of works by the Brazilian artist Flavio de Carvalho opened this week in Brasilia. The show, “Flavio de Carvalho: The Modernist Revolution in Brazil,” brings together various facets of one of the forerunners of the modernist movement in Brazil.

Portrait of Mario de Andrade by Flavio de Carvalho

Mario de Andrade (Image: Flavio de Carvalho/G1)

Feb 6, 2012

Syria-Bound Cocaine Shipment Foiled

Brazil News

| CURITIBA, Brazil – A 23-year-old Venezuelan woman was arrested at Foz do Iguaçu International Airport carrying over 4 kg of cocaine. The arrest was made late Sunday afternoon by Federal Police (PF) as the woman tried to board a flight to Sao Paulo and on to Syria.

Woman busted at Iguassu Falls International Airport with over 4 kg of cocaine bound to her body. She told police the drugs came from Paraguay and was bound for Syria

Syria Bound Cocaine (Photo: PF/G1 PA)

Video: Murder Captured by Police CCTV

Brazil News

| RECIFE, Brazil – Security cameras installed in Our Lady of O Square, in Ipojuca, Metropolitan Recife, recorded a murder at 3:40 pm on January 1st. Police arrested a 25-year-old man who is suspected of committing the crime on Saturday night.

Recife Murder Video (Photo: G1 PE)

Feb 5, 2012

Selena Gomez Performs in Rio

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – Pop singer Selena Gomez appeared on Sunday at the Via Funchal theater in Rio de Janeiro. The 19-year-old brunette also performed on Saturday and wore the same dress during both performances: a bright purple number which left her legs bare.

Selena Gomez performing at the Via Funchal theater in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday 04 February 2012

Selena in Rio (Photo: Orlando Oliveira/AgNews/terra.com.br)

Feds Testing Biometric Field-ID Devices

Brazil News

| RECIFE, Brazil – A new system for positively identifying criminal suspects in the field is being tested in this Northeastern Brazilian city. Starting last Saturday, police are using a biometric reader, a small and simple machine which captures a suspect's fingerprint and retrieves his identifying information from government databases instantly, eliminating the need for a trip to the police station.

Police in Recife test biometric identification device on Saturday 04 February 2012 at the Aflitos Stadium in Recife

Testing Biometric ID Device in Recife (Photo: G1 PE)

Dismembered Woman Baked in Pizza Oven

Brazil News

| CUIABA, Brazil – Police in Central-West Brazil are searching for a man suspected of trying to incinerate a woman's body in a pizza oven. Police believe that the 22-year-old man, who was the manager of the pizzeria and son of its owner, killed the woman in the early morning hours of Friday, then tried to cremate her body to destroy the evidence.

Charred body is removed from a pizzeria oven in Cuiaba.

Murder Victim Pulled from Pizzeria Oven (Photo: Tita Mara/G1)