Feb 11, 2012

'Riot' Onboard TAM Flight Forces Landing

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PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil – A TAM airline flight from Montevideo, Uruguay, bound for Sao Paulo made an emergency landing Saturday. According to Folha de Sao Paulo, a man onboard the flight, identified as an employee of the company's operations department assaulted crew and tried to storm the cockpit.

TAM Aircraft for illustration only

TAM Airliner for Illustration Only (Photo: blogos.com)

According to one witness, the man was controlled by force and bound with tape and secured to a seat. After landing in the southern Brazil port city of Porto Alegre, passengers had to deplane and wait at in the lobby of the Salgado Filho International Aiport while federal police searched the aircraft.

According to the owner of an airport store, who witnessed the suspect being removed from the plane by police, he wore a uniform similar to that used by the airline staff and he was very aggressive.

By note, TAM said the flight made a stopover in Porto Alegre forced by “a riot on board” and that the occurrence is being investigated by police. The company would not confirm whether the man was an empolyee.

According to Infraero (the state agency which manages the airport), the passengers reembarked the same aircraft and departed for Sao Paulo at around 5 pm.

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