Feb 5, 2012

Dismembered Woman Baked in Pizza Oven

Brazil News

| CUIABA, Brazil – Police in Central-West Brazil are searching for a man suspected of trying to incinerate a woman's body in a pizza oven. Police believe that the 22-year-old man, who was the manager of the pizzeria and son of its owner, killed the woman in the early morning hours of Friday, then tried to cremate her body to destroy the evidence.

Charred body is removed from a pizzeria oven in Cuiaba.

Murder Victim Pulled from Pizzeria Oven (Photo: Tita Mara/G1)

The victim is believed to be a 25-year-old woman who has been missing since Thursday. On Monday morning, the investigators will request a DNA test to prove whether the remains belong to the suspected victim. At team of forensic experts will use bone fragments found in the oven as well as blood found at the scene.

The father of the suspect said in a statement to police that, under pressure from his parents, his son confessed to committing the crime. However, the son wouldn't say who the victim was or where she was killed. After confessing to his parents, he fled on a motorcycle and hasn't been seen since.

Also according to the father, neighbors reported that they heard screams from the pizzeria owned by the family during the early hours of Friday. They said they saw his son leaving the establishment in the morning, alone and with blood stains. The neighborhood pizzeria is located in Barbado, in Mato Grosso's capital, Cuiaba.

Investigators also found a woman's ring and bracelet in the oven, next to the victim's burnt remains. The body was dismembered before being put into the oven and was completely charred when taken out. When police first arrived at the restaurant, there was still fire in the oven which required firefighters to extinguish. There are still no clues on the location of the suspect.

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