Jan 28, 2012

Engraving Exhibition Opens in Brasilia

Brazil News

| BRASILIA – Thursday, the National Postal Museum in Brasilia opened an exhibition of master engravings produced between the 15th and 18th centuries. The “Masters of Engraving in the Collection of the National Library Foundation” exhibit runs through April 22nd.


National Postal Museum Brasilia (Photo: blog.correios.com.br)

Yoani Sanchez Granted Brazilian Visa

Brazil News

| HAVANA, Cuba – Journalist and Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez said on Friday that she has asked Cuban authorities for permission to travel to Brazil. Cuban citizens are required to possess the infamous Permiso de Viaje al Exterior (PVE), or Carta Blanca, in order to leave or enter their own country.

Yoani Sanchez, Cuban dissident, shows off her Brazilian visa, in Havana

Yoani Sanchez Brazilian Visa (Photo: terra.com.br)

Siblings Die Hours and States Apart

Brazil News |

BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil – Two siblings of former Vice President Jose Alencar died on Friday in different states in an interval of two hours. The information was confirmed by another sibling of Alencar, Antonio Gomes da Silva, who lives in Belo Horizonte, according to a report on terra.com.br.

Jose Alencar, Vice President of Brazil 2003 – 2011

Jose Alencar (Photo: Wikipedia)

Jan 27, 2012

Video: Man Shot to Death in Street

Brazil News

| GOIANIA, Brazil – A security camera video surfaced this week showing a 22-year-old junk car dealer being chased down and killed with 12 shots. Homicide detectives say they will request a copy of the video to aid in their investigation.

Gunned Down in Goiania Video G1 GO)

Jan 26, 2012

Tragedy in Rio as 3 Highrises Fall

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – Rescuers have pulled the body of a fourth victim from Wednesday night's collapse of three highrise buildings in downtown Rio. According to the State Secretariat of Civil Defense, as of 5 pm Thursday, four bodies have been recovered from the rubble. Four victims are in hospitals and 19 remain unaccounted for.

Rescue workers search for dead and missing in Rio de Janeiro highrise building collapse 25 January 2012

Building Collapse Tragedy (Photo: G1 RJ)

Ashton Kutcher Interview @ SPFW

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – Ashton Kutcher gives a playful interview to TV Globo at Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Ashton Kutcher (Video: Globo TV)

Jan 25, 2012

Seven Story Building Collapses in Rio

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – A seven-story building, which was under renovation, collapsed completely in downtown Rio de Janeiro late on Wednesday. State Civil Defense reported that the fall of the building left 11 victims dead and wounded, one taken alive from the rubble.

Building collapse late Wednesday in Rio de Janeiro 25 January 2012

Building collapse Rio (Photo: G1 RJ)

A large explosion was reported just before the collapse. Civil Defense speculates that there may have been a natural gas leak which was ignited.

Video from TV Globo can be seen below.

Calf Born with Two Heads Causes Stir

Brazil News

| FORTALEZA, Brazil – A calf born with two heads in the city of Crato, in the interior of the state, has become an attraction. The animal caught the attention of community residents, who gathered at the farm where it was born to take pictures and shoot videos.

A two-headed calf born in the interior of the Brazilian state of Ceara

Two-headed Calf (Photo: TV Verdes Mares/G1 CE)

Vet Uses Superglue on Pooch’s Paw

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – A woman in Sao Manuel is accusing a veterinarian of animal abuse for using Super Glue to immobilize her pooch's fractured leg. The vet says that the practice is common and that the animal's owner consented to the treatment. Now, the owner says, the 4-month old poodle is at risk of having the limb amputated.

Woman with her puppy Radija who's vet used Super Glue to fix a fracture

Radija and Owner (Photo: Géro Bonini/terra.com.br)

Jan 24, 2012

Sao Paulo Mercadao Celebrates 79 Years

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – The famed Mercado Municipal Paulistano, the Mercadão, celebrates its 79th anniversary on Wednesday. The enormous neo-classical structure was inaugurated on 25 January 1932 after four years of construction.

Mercado Municipal Paulistano, the Mercadão, celebrates its 79th anniversary on Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mercado Municipal Paulistano (Photo: espaco.gourmet.zip.net)

Video: Megan Fox/Mike Tyson Commercial

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – The American actress Megan Fox and former boxer Mike Tyson star in a new TV ad campaign in Brazil, using humor to encourage the study of English. The ad shows two young men who crash land on an island populated by Megan Fox clones.

American actress Megan Fox

Megan Fox (Photo: Wikipedia)

Jan 23, 2012

Dona Senhorinha Celebrates 110 Years

Brazil News

| FORTALEZA, Brazil – Maria da Conceicao Erundina celebrated her 110th birthday on Friday, in Brejo Santo, in southern Ceara. Known amongst friends as Dona Senhorinha, she is keen to show her birth certificate, filed on 22 January 1902.

Maria da Conceicao Erundina celebrated her 110th birthday on Friday, in Brejo Santo, in southern Ceara.

Dona Senhorinha Celebrates 110 Years  (Photo: TV Verdes/Mares Cariri/G1 CE)

Ashton Kutcher Surfing Sao Paulo Street

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – American actor Ashton Kutcher published today, in his twitter profile, a photo of a person (apparently himself) surfing in the middle of flooded SP streets. Part of the city of Sao Paulo was in a state of emergency as relentless rain has caused flooding in many parts of the capital, reported G1.

Ashton Kutcher surfing flooded Sao Paulo street

Ashton Kutcher Sao Paulo (Photo: twitter.com/aplusk)

Jan 22, 2012

Chinese New Year Celebrated in Liberdade

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – On Saturday, tens of thousands of people crowded the streets of the Asian district of Liberdade, in the center of Sao Paulo, to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year celebrated in the Sao Paulo neighborhood of Liberdade on Saturday 21 January 2012

Chinese New Year Sao Paulo (Photo: Valesca Braga/terra.com.br)