Nov 4, 2011

Three Teen Girls Fake Own Kidnapping

Wanted to skip class and spend time with boys

BELO HORIZONTE, Minas Gerais – Three teenagers were in police custody Friday afternoon after faking their own kidnapping in order to get out of class in the Matozinhos area of the capital. A spokesman for the Military Police (PM) said that the mother of one of the teens called to report the supposed crime after her daughter called her saying that she had been kidnapped and was trapped in the trunk of a car with her sister and a friend.

Minas Gerais Military Police helicopter

PMMG Helicopter (photo:

Captivating Solar Phenomenon Seen by Many

Solar halo portends high temperatures to come

CAMPO GRANDE, Moto Grosso do Sul – A phenomenon known as a solar halo, a sort of rainbow encircling the sun, was seen early on Friday in some cities in the northern part of the state, such as Costa Rica and Chapadão do Sul.

Solar Halo seen in Northern Moto Grosso do Sul Friday 04 November 2011

Solar Halo (photo:

Man Claims 100 Kilos Pot Personal Stash

Cops don't buy it & arrest him

GOIANIA, Goias – The Military Police (PM) late Thursday night, arrested a young man for being in possession of 100 kilos of marijuana, in the Sector Nova Era area of Aparecida de Goiania. According to the PM, the drugs were hidden in a suitcase and the 27-year-old suspect claimed that it was for his “personal consumption.”

Military Police pose with 100 kilos of pot man claims was 'for personal use' in Goiania 04 November 2011

100 kilos pot for 'personal use' (photo:

Men Rob Market of Cash and Whiskey

Only top-shelf whiskey to celebrate for this gang

SALVADOR, Bahia – A group of seven armed men robbed a supermarket in the town of Santo Estevão, 90 miles from the capital, Salvador, in the early evening last Wednesday. According to information from the Civil Police, the suspects took a large sum of money and, to celebrate the success of their crime, five bottles of a famous brand of whiskey.

Top-shelf whiskey taken during brazen grocery store robbery in Santo Estevão, Bahia

Only Top-Shelf Whiskey Taken in Robbery

Nov 3, 2011

Cougar Invades Campground in Sao Paulo

Cougar Invades Campground in Sao Paulo
by Michael Hone

Leaps from tree to tree in escape bid

SAO PAULO – An endangered cougar appeared at the Arvaré Municipal Campground in Sao Paulo Thursday. Frightened campers called the Fire Department. It took authorities five hours to capture the beast, which leaped from tree to tree in a bid to escape its pursuers at the Costa Azul resort.

Endangered cougar (onça parda) leaps from tree to tree evading capture for five hours in the town of Arvaré, SP

Cougar in Arvaré (photo:

Brazilian Diamond Merchant Detained

Brazilian Diamond Merchant Detained
by Michael Hone

Cache of undeclared gems found hidden on body

GENEVA, Switzerland – A Brazilian precious stones dealer was arrested Wednesday, according to Swiss customs. The man, whose behavior was considered strange, was detained yesterday by customs agents at the Geneva train station, where he had just arrived from Paris.

Cache of Diamonds

Cache of Diamonds (not the actual stash)

Pernambuco - Tourists on Boat Ride Robbed

Pernambuco - Tourists on Boat Ride Robbed
by Michael Hone

Four men assault 60 tourists on catamaran in Tamandaré

RECIFE, Pernambuco – About 60 Brazilian and foreign tourists were robbed Wednesday evening during a catamaran outing in Tamandare, along the south coast of Pernambuco, in north-eastern Brazil. According to police, four men in a boat--stolen just before the assault--motored up to the larger tourist vessel and announced the robbery.

Four men assault 60 tourists on catamaran in Tamandaré

Catamaran in Tamandare (photo:

Nov 2, 2011

Stone of Shango Threatened in Bahia

Stone of Shango Threatened in Bahia
by Michael Hone

Candomblé faithful protest on Wednesday

SALVADOR, Bahia – Followers of the Candomble religion staged a protest on Wednesday, in Salvador, next to the Stone of Shango. They are calling for the preservation of the stone, which is in the neighborhood of Fazenda Grande II, according to a report on the G1 network.

Candomblé faithful protest on Wednesday, 02 November 2011, at Pedra de Xangô, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Pedra de Xangô (photo:

Santa Teresa Trolley to Return in 2013

Santa Teresa Trolley to Return in 2013

Governor Cabral announces deal with Portuguese company to run system

Lisbon – Rio de Janeiro Governor Sergio Cabral announced today in Lisbon an agreement with the Portuguese company Carris to restore the Santa Teresa Trolley to service by sometime in 2013. The trolley system has not run since an accident on 27 August 2011 which destroyed a trolley car, injured 56 passengers and killed 6.

Santa Teresa Trolley (bonde) accident 27 August 2011 killed 6 and injured 56

Santa Teresa Accident (photo: globo)

Motorcycle Safety Campaign Kicks-off in Rio

Motorcycle Safety Campaign Kicks-off in Rio
by Michael Hone

Department of Transportation aims to increase motorcycle safety in state

RIO DE JANEIRO – The Department of Transportation (DETRAN) kicked off an educational program on Tuesday aimed at increasing motorcycle safety throughout the state, reported the Globo network.

Motorcycle rider in Rio de Janeiro

Motorcycle in Rio de Janeiro (photo:

Oct 31, 2011

Rock Climbers Suspect in Sugarloaf Burglary

Climbers Suspect in Sugarloaf Burglary
by Michael Hone

$27 U.S. taken in brazen overnight break in

RIO DE JANEIRO – Like a plot from a Hollywood movie, police in this tourist mecca this morning are investigating the brazen overnight theft of U.S. $27,000 from two safes located in a restaurant on Sugarloaf Mountain, or Pão de Açúcar, as it is known locally. The restaurant is located at the peak of the 1,300 foot granite monolith and is only accessible by cable car, helicopter or by expert rock climbers, reported

Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro


Woman Who Leaped from 12th Floor Tells All

Woman Who Leaped from 12th Floor Tells All
by Michael Hone

Having survived leap from burning 12th floor apartment, says "God saved me, I was born again."

GOIANIA, Goias – Muniki Dias Goulart, 25, who survived a jump from the 12th floor of a burning building in the capital, on September 29th, talked to TV Anhanguera in an exclusive interview Tuesday where she shared the drama that unfolded her family's life that fateful day.

Muniki Dias Goulart, 25, jumped from her 12th floor apartment and lived to tell the tale. (photo:

Muniki Dias Goulart (photo:

Oct 30, 2011

Swedish Tourist Causes Turmoil at Beach

Swedish Tourist Causes Turmoil at Beach
by Michael Hone

Uneder investigation for racism for saying “Brazil is full of monkeys”

JOAO PESSOA, Paraiba – A Swede was taken to the local police station on Friday after causing an uproar in Jacuma Beach, on the southern coast of Paraiba. According to witnesses, the tourist said that Brazil was a land of monkeys, taunted drivers and even spit on taxi cabs. The suspect was taken to the Alhandra Police Station to give his statement, according to


Swedish Tourist in Paraiba (photo: