Sep 10, 2011

Suspect Attacked by Mob After Robbery

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - Suspected robber, Virhilio Alexandre da Silva, 19, was taken to hospital after being pummeled by a crowd after he robbed the King of Pizza restaurant for the third time in a year and a half. He would have got away, say witnesses, but this time he decided to rob the patrons and employees too, reports

Architect Shot 5 Times in Robbery Attempt

SAO PAULO, Brazil - A 31-year-old architect was shot five times while riding a motorcycle Saturday afternoon on the Marginal Tiete, a main highway that runs through the center this bustling city of 20 million people, reports

Chase Ends with Seizure of 900 Kg of Pot

Chase Ends with Seizure of 900 Kilos of Pot
by Michael Hone

High Speed Chase Ends With Arrest and Seizure of 900 Kilos of Marijuana

SANTO ANASTACIO, Brazil - An operation carried out by the Military Police of Sao Paulo in this small town, 380 miles west of the capitol, in the early afternoon Saturday, resulted in the arrest of Matheus Ricardo Araujo dos Santos, 20, and the seizure of 900 kilos of marijuana, reports


Man Rents Hotel Room, Robs Others

Hotel guest goes room-to-room burglarizing others.

ITAPOLIS, Brazil – Police are looking for a man who rented a hotel room in this city, 222 miles from the state capitol Sao Paulo, then went room-to-room robbing other guests, reports O Globo online.


Retiree Dies Entering Home Through Roof

Brazil News

| RECIFE, Brazil – A man died of suffocation while trying to enter his house through the roof, Friday afternoon, in the Macaxeira neighborhood of Recife, Pernambuco, reports O Globo online.


Latest on Blumenau, Santa Catarina Flooding

Floods affect over 800,000 people in Santa Catarina; rain gives respite. Sun shines.

BLUMENAU, Brazil – The rain that has slammed the state of Santa Catarina in recent days, has affected 819,338 people in 86 cities, according to a report released this morning by the state Civil Defense.


Presidential Letter from Brazil to America

President Rousseff of Brazil Writes 9/11 Letter to President Obama

BRAZILIA, Brazil – President Dilma Rousseff sent on Saturday, a message to the U.S. President, Barack Obama, which expressed solidarity and sympathy for the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11th. Rousseff says that “violent extremism must be combated in all its forms, including through reconciliation between the West and the Arab world,” reports O Globo online.

Sep 9, 2011

Netizens Organize Symbolic Embrace of Lake

Brazilians Reach Out to Save Urban Lake

VIAMAO, Brazil – Residents of this city of almost 300,000, located in the Metropolitan Porto Alegre region, are mobilizing through the social networking site Facebook, to give a symbolic embrace of Taruma Lake, on September 14th at 2 pm. The date of the embrace was chosen specifically as it is the 270th anniversary of the founding of the city, reports


Priest Investigates Church Thefts

Five Arrested After Priest Solves Church Burglery

RECIFE, Brazil – Five people were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the robbery of a church in the Maranguape II Paulista neighborhood of Metropolitan Recife, reported O Globo online.

Catholic Church in Maranguape II Paulista Brazil

Maranguape II Paulista (photo:

48 Tons of Stolen Copper and Aluminum Seized

Metal Stolen From Electrical and Telephone Companies

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Police seized 48 tons of copper and aluminum wire stolen from electrical and telephone companies in an operation on Thursday, reported EPTV on Friday.

Generic image of large copper cable rolls/spools

Copper Cable (photo:

Female Meat Packer Wins Dressing Room Suit

Worker was Forced to Parade in Underwear

CAMPINAS, Brazil – A labor court in Sao Paulo has ordered JBS, the owner of Bertin de Lins, one of Brazil's largest meat processors, to compensate a female employee U.S. $38,000 in punitive damages, reports TV Tem network.

Update: Flooding in Blumenau Santa Catarina

18,000 Now Evacuated in Severe Flooding

BLUMENAU, Brazil – Civil Defense Authorities in Santa Catarina have extended the State of Emergency, declared on Thursday, to 10 municipalities in the southern state, reports O Globo online.

Sep 8, 2011

New Protections for Disabled Mato Grosso do Sul

New Law Adopted Setting Aside Seating in Public Places for Disabled

CAMPO GRANDE, Brazil – Shopping malls, galleries, restaurants, cafes and bars in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul must now reserve 5% of their seating for persons with physical disabilities, the elderly and pregnant women, reports O Globo online.


State of Emergency Declared in Blumenau

Itajai-Acu River Rises to Flood Stage in Famous Octoberfest City

BLUMENAU, Brazil - The heavy rain punishing the state of Santa Catarina since Wednesday afternoon has caused several landslides and the Itajai-Acu river has risen to beyond flood level leaving the city, located 120 km from the capital, Florianopolis, in a state of emergency, reported on Thursday.


Federal Police Seize 5,500 Cartons of Cigarettes

The U.S. $55,000 Load Apparently Entering the Country from Paraguay

GUAIRA, Brazil - Federal Police on Wednesday seized about 110 boxes of cigarettes without legal documentation along with two boats used to transport them in Guaira, in the far-west of Parana. The load, which contained 5,500 cartons of cigarettes, is valued at approximately U.S. $55,000, reported today.


Sep 7, 2011

Teen Slams Car Into Pole at High Speed

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO -- A teenager was seriously injured early on Wednesday when he crashed a car into a utility pole at a high rate of speed in the Mooca area of central SP. The Fire Department received a call at 7:37 am to rescue the boy who was trapped in the wreckage of the car which he crashed on Jaquara Street, reports

Teen's wrecked car in rua da mooca central sao paulo

Porto Velho has 100 Accidents in Four Days

Brazil News

| PORTO VELHO, Brazil – This city, situated at the headwaters of the mighty Amazon and capital of the north-western state of Rondonia, has recorded over one hundred accidents in four days including that involving a motorcycle and a bus which claimed four lives, reports

Porto Velho Map

Blumenau Hit By Heavy Rain and Landslides

Brazil News

| BLUMENAU, Brazil – Heavy rains and flooding have put this city, in the southern state of Santa Catarina, on alert. According to State Civil Defense, two landslides were reported on Wednesday in the city, reported


Schoolteacher Arrested Neglecting Child Support

Brazil News

| SALVADOR, Brazil – A schoolteacher in Ubaitaba in southern Bahia, 370 km from the capital Salvador, has been arrested for failing to pay child support for her two daughters who are in the custody of her ex-husband, reported O Globo online.

ATM Blasted Open in Santos

Travel News

| SAO PAULO – An ATM machine was found on a street in Santos, São Paulo late Tuesday night. The equipment was found shortly after 10 pm by a group celebrating a birthday at a nearby club, reports O Globo online.

atm machine blasted open laying in street in santos sp brazil

Sep 6, 2011

Bonde Accident Claims Another Life

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – The Santa Teresa Trolley accident last month has claimed another victim with the death Sunday night of Alcides Gonçalves de Abreu, 73, at Hospital Badim in Tijuca. She died of medical complications caused by traumatic brain injury suffered in the accident, reports O Estado de São Paulo today.


Airline to Pay Damages to Feres Twins

RIO DE JANEIRO – Gol Airlines has been ordered to pay damages to twin-sister athletes Beatriz e Branca Feres, bronze medal winners in synchronized swimming teams at the 2007 Pan American Games. The judge in the case found that the airline sold the pair tickets for a flight that did not exist, reports O Estado de São Paulo on Tuesday.


São Paulo Gang Loots Millions from Safe Deposit Boxes

São Paulo Gang Loots Millions from Safe Deposit Boxes
by Michael Hone

SÃO PAULO, Brazil – A criminal gang entered a São Paulo bank through the front doors over the weekend and looted 170 safe deposit boxes. The bank branch is located on one of the busiest streets in the city, the bustling Avenida Paulista, repored the Jornal do Globo.

Highway Patrol Seizes Wild Birds

Highway Patrol Seizes Wild Birds
by Michael Hone

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – The Federal Highway Police (PRF) on Monday seized two wild birds on an interstate bus passing through Seropédica, a municipality with a population of 75,000 in the State of Rio de Janeiro. The animals were hidden in a wooden box inside the luggage of a passenger, reported on Tuesday.

Sao Paulo Residents Smoking Less

SAO PAULO – A survey by the São Paulo Ministry of Health shows that state residents are smoking less. According to the study, the number of people who smoke two or more packs of cigarettes a day in São Paulo fell 31% beteen 2009 and 2010. The survey consisted of street interviews conducted by the Central Reference Center on Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs (CRATOD) in crowded areas of the state capital, reported O Dia online Tuesday.

Beautiful woman smoking

Beautiful woman smoking (photo:

Sep 4, 2011

60 Tons of Garbage Received in Port of Itajai

Brazil News

| FLORIANOPOLIS, Santa Catarina – Customs officials in the Santa Catarina port of Itajai report six shipping containers packed with garbage were received on Friday. The shipment originated in Spain and the import declaration was recorded with Customs last week, reported O Globo online.