Aug 27, 2011

Sao Paulo Gangs Blast Open More ATMs

Explosion common method of bank robbery in Brazil

SAO PAULO - Thieves in São Paulo have blown apart two more ATM machines in the greater metropolitan area over the last few days. The audacious robberies would bring the total to at least 42 so far this year carried out by criminal gangs in the state.

ATM Blasted Open in Sao Paulo, Brazil Robbery

Blasted ATM (photo:

Five Dead on Famous Rio Bonde

Scores Injured in late afternoon accident

RIO DE JANEIRO - At about 6 pm Saturday night local time, in the beautiful Santa Teresa neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, the iconic tram that climbs up the mountain from Lapa, known locally as the bonde, derailed and slid backwards for over 50 meters killing five and injuring at least thirty, reported Folha de São Paulo.

Man Assaults Wife Over Bad Haircut

Man didn't like wife's hair short

AMERICO BRASILIENSE, Brazil - A 34-year-old man was arrested after assaulting his wife late Friday night in Américo Brasiliense, a small agricultural town, known as the “city of sweetness” because of it's sprawling sugar cane fields, 280 km from São Paulo.

Generic bad haircut for a woman

Bad Hair (photo:

Black Widow Sentenced In Absentia

Thought to be living in the United States, she killed husband for the money

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - Heloísa Gonçalves Duque Soares Ribeiro, 61, known as the Black Widow, was sentenced in absentia Friday to 18 years in prison for the death her second husband, in February 1992. The fugitive was also not present for her trail last month in a downtown Rio de Janeiro courtroom.

Wanted Poster for Heloisa Gonçalves Duque Soares Ribeiro, 61, known as the Black Widow and thought to be living in the United States

Assemblies of God Church Robbed

About 30 people attending service also robbed

SAO PAULO, Brazil – An armed gang with guns invaded an evangelical Assemblies of God church in Várzea Paulista, a city of 100,000 40 miles from São Paulo, on Friday. According to police, 30 people were attending a service at the church when the crime occured.

Generica photo of Brazilian Assemblies of God Church

Brazilian Church (photo:

Aug 26, 2011

Man Busted with Millions in Bogus Cash

Police were acting on a tip

SAO PAULO – Police acting on a tip arrested an automobile salesman with 5.6 million reals (about 3.4 million US Dollars) in fifty real notes. The bogus banknotes were stuffed into four duffel bags inside of the Ford Fiesta he was driving.

Rape Charge for Assemblies of God Pastor

Also suspected of robbery

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - An Assembly of God pastor has been arrested for three counts of rape in Rio de Janeiro according to the Ministry of Public Safety. In addition to the rapes, the police have charged the suspect of robbery.

Acquitted of Hiring Man to Kill Her Dad

She was on trial for hiring a hit man to murder her father

CARUARU, Pernambuco– A 44-year-old woman, in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, has been acquitted of hiring a hitman to kill her father who repeatedly raped her over thirty-five years and who impregnated her twelve times, according to court officials.

Aug 24, 2011

Corruption a Family Affair in Brazil

Federal Police Operation Bandwagon

MACEIO, Alagoas - The former mayor of Marechal Deodoro in the state of Alagoas was arrested early Wednesday and charged with embezzling money from public coffers. 'Operation Bandwagon' was conducted by the Federal Police and culminated in the arrest on Tuesday of the former mayor Danilo Damaso and his son Liberalino Ribeiro de Almeida Neto.

Aug 22, 2011

Armed Men Rob Convent in Maceio

Second time in a year convent has been robbed

MACEIO, Alagoas - An armed gang broke into the Queen of Peace Convent on Sunday evening. The convent is located in the Santa Amelia neighborhood, next to the Don Bosco House, another Catholic institution, in Maceió, Alagoas. The armed men asulted a group of nuns and stole cash, a laptop, TV and cellphones. This was the second assault on the convent in the past year.

Aug 21, 2011

Cold Front Slams Rio de Janeiro

Surprised Cariocas Freeze

RIO DE JANEIRO – A cold front slammed Rio de Janeiro early Saturday morning hitting the city with cold temperatures and heavy rain. Due to the inclement weather, landings and takeoffs at both the Santos Dumont and Antonio Carlos Jobim International airports were operating on instruments.