Jan 21, 2012

Recife Installing High Def Traffic Cams

Brazil News

| RECIFE, Brazil – The cameras that monitor traffic and roadways in Recife are being replaced with new, high definition equipment.

Recife is installing high definition traffic cameras around the city, replacing old fixed cameras with new ones which will rotate 360 degrees

New HD Traffic Cams for Recife (Photo: G1 PE)

66 cameras around the city to be replaced

Beautiful Women on Florianopolis Beaches

Brazil News

| FLORIANOPOLIS, Brazil – Intense heat hit this South Atlantic capital city on Saturday, leaving the beaches in the region packed with beautiful people. Despite starting out with some clouds the sun came out strong, leading weather agencies to warn of extreme ultraviolet levels over the next few days across the southern part of the country.

Beautiful young woman wearing a bikini strolling along a Floripa beach on 21 January 2012. Jurere Beach

Woman Walks Florianopolis Beach (Photo: Fabrício Escandiuzzi/terra.com.br)

Jan 20, 2012

Lawyer Says Quadruplet Pregnancy a Hoax

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – A lawyer representing the woman who claimed to be pregnant with quadruplets admitted during a press conference on Friday that the pregnancy was a hoax. Enilson de Castro did not say, however, what led the woman, 25-year old Maria Veronica Vieira to concoct the story which drew international attention.

25-year old Maria Veronica Vieira shows off her belly full of silicone which she had portrayed to the world as a quadruplet pregnancy

 Maria Veronica Vieira (Photo: Rogério Marques/O Vale/AE/G1 SP)

Wildlife in the state of Goias

Brazil News

| GOIANIA, Brazil – On Thursday, the Fire Department released pictures of a cougar cub rescued on a farm 40 km (25 miles) outside the town of Planaltina, on Tuesday. Farm workers found the animal hidden behind bags of wheat in a warehouse located on the property.

A cougar cub rescued on Tuesday 17 January 2012 in Planaltina, Goias.

Cougar Cub Goiania (Photo: G1 GO)

Iran's Ahmadinejad to Visit Brazil?

Brazil News

| BRASILIA – Iran's ambassador to Brazil said Thursday, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad plans to visit Brazil this year and meet the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. Just last week, political commentators in Brazil were rejoicing that Brazil had been spared the embarrassment of hosting Ahmadinejad during his recent tour of Latin America.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Photo: nypost.com)

Jan 19, 2012

30-Year Anniversary: Elis Regina Death

Brazil News

| PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil – Today is the 30-year anniversary of the death of Brazil's greatest female vocalist ever, Elis Regina. This month, the singer Maria Rita must comb through the numerous anthologies and hits of her mother, Elis, to select the songs that will make up a retrospective show which opens March 17 in Sao Paulo. The show will tour five capitals, including Porto Alegre, integrating exhibitions planned for this year.

Today, 19 January 2012, is the 30-year anniversary of the death of the woman considered to be Brazil's best ever vocalist, Elis Regina

Elis Regina (Photo: Juarez Flores/zerohora.rbsdirect.com.br)

Skateboarder Caught Riding the Waves

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – On Thursday, a G1 Network reader photographed a skateboarder riding the Wave Monument, located in the center median of Avenida 23 de Maio, in Sao Paulo. Reader Paulo Victor dos Santos uploaded the photograph to the G1 Sao Paulo website which published it late on Thursday.

Citizen reporter snapped a photo of a skateboarder riding the 'Monument to the Waves' in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Thursday 19 January 2012

Skateboarder on Monument to the Waves (Photo: Paulo Victor dos Santos/G1 SP)

Jan 18, 2012

Drug Dealers Operate out of Graveyard

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – Monday morning, police in Campos, in northern Rio de Janeiro state, seized a large quantity of drugs hidden inside four tombs in the Caju Cemetery. Local police noticed men who appeared to be lookouts as well as suspicious traffic between the cemetery and a nearby shantytown, or favela.

Cocaine and marijuana recovered from four graves in the Caju Cemetery, Campos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 16 January 2012

Drugs recovered from Tombs (Photo: campos24horas.com.br)

Brazil Quadruplet Pregnancy May be Hoax

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – The story of a Brazilian woman who says she is pregnant with quadruplets, has created controversy in Taubate, Sao Paulo, where she lives and beyond. The woman's former doctor, who took care of her until the end of last year, has expressed his doubts about the purported pregnancy. The woman's lawyer, however, insists that she is pregnant.

A very pregnant looking Maria Veronica Vieira. Media reports on Wednesday 18 January 2012 call the woman's purported quadruplet pregnancy into doubt

 Maria Veronica Vieira (Photo: G1 SP/VNews)

Jan 17, 2012

Microsoft Opens Sao Paulo Tech Center

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – Microsoft Corp said on Tuesday that it commenced operations at the newest Microsoft Technology Center (MTC), this time in Brazil. In an event in Sao Paulo, the company that invented the Windows operating system opened the 1,300 square meter (14,000 square foot) center in the city's United Nations Tower. The site includes a simulation center for technology partners, corporate clients, NGOs and students.

Torre das Nações Unidas in São Paulo, home of the new Microsoft Technology Center

United Nations Tower Sao Paulo (Photo: skyscrapercity.com)

Men Swimming with Giant Green Anaconda

Brazil News

| CAMPO GRANDE, Brazil – Images of a giant anaconda being photographed underwater created a stir this week on Facebook Brazil. After the amazing images were posted and shared, many Facebook users posted comments doubting the authenticity of the photographs.

A giant anaconda, estimated to be about 23 feet in length, is photographed underwater by biologist Daniel De Granville in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

Giant Anaconda Underwater (Photo: Daniel De Granville/Natura/G1)

Jan 16, 2012

Couple Arrested Making Love in Cemetery

Brazil News

| GOIANIA, Brazil – On Sunday morning, police caught a couple engaging in sex in a graveyard for the second time in four months. Police, acting on an anonymous tip from a woman who was visiting the grave site of a relative, arrested the suspects after observing them in the act of coitus.

Illustration Only

Illustration Only (Photo: dilsonbarbosa.com.br)