Jan 18, 2012

Drug Dealers Operate out of Graveyard

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – Monday morning, police in Campos, in northern Rio de Janeiro state, seized a large quantity of drugs hidden inside four tombs in the Caju Cemetery. Local police noticed men who appeared to be lookouts as well as suspicious traffic between the cemetery and a nearby shantytown, or favela.

Cocaine and marijuana recovered from four graves in the Caju Cemetery, Campos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 16 January 2012

Drugs recovered from Tombs (Photo: campos24horas.com.br)

Narcotic suppression officers arrived on the scene too late to make any arrests. The suspects fled when they noticed a police presence. A search of the cemetery turned up 21 kilos (46 lbs) of bulk cocaine plus 4,250 bags prepackaged and ready for sale, 190 marijuana buds, three precision scales and a radio transmitter. They also found staplers, scissors and plastic bags used to package the drugs for sale.

Police say the dealers in the cemetery were responsible for overseeing the movement of drugs into the nearby Complexo Baleeira favela. The evidence was documented by the GAT 1 narcotics suppression team of the Military Police and turned over to local police for processing.

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