Police, Crime and Punishment

Heineken Beer Flows Freely in Prison
Billionaire’s Son Kills Cyclist in Rio
Takes Five Bullets to the Head & Lives
Video: Brazil's Violent Underbelly
40 Tons of Canadian Trash Interdicted
Video: Gay Couple Attacked in Rio
Beer Bribery Case Gets Man Two Years
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Video: Thieves Loot Store in 18 Seconds
Man Walks Out of Bank with Stolen Cash
Feds Testing Biometric Field-ID Devices
Would You Like Anchovies With That?
Row Over Police Drinking Beer On-Duty
Photo: Policeman Humping Cow Goes Viral
Lawyer Defends Woman Who Faked Quads
Couple Arrested Making Love in Cemetery
5 Miles Copper Wire Stolen from Stadium
Update: Hitman Helps Target Fake Her Death
Porto Alegre to Send Taggers to Prison
Bahia Bank Robbers Sing 'Happy Birthday'
Dog Survives Shotgun Blast to the Head
American Shot During Botafogo Robbery
Rio Police Seize 7,000 Motorcycles
Police Crackdown in Crackland
Prisoner Shot 11 Times, Survives
Video: Radio Station Robbed
Eleven-year-old Boy Caught Driving Bus
New Law Banning Alcohol Sale to Minors
CCTV Video Shows Businessman Gunned Down
Brother Switches Place with Prison Inmate
ShotSpotter Canoas Serving as Model for Rio
Second Naked Man Arrested in Santa Catarina
Lottery Winner's Widow Wants Justice
Shot 12x, Lives Thanks to Shotspotter
Police Seize $2 Million Cash
Christmas Gift Baskets Seized in Rio
Police Seize TVs Containing $144k Cash
Young Woman Found in a Suitcase
Woman Arrested Brandishing Pistols
Policeman Killed while Urinating on Roadside
Suspect Arrested in Murder of Finns
$87,000 Cash Found in Airbag Well
Video: Murder Captured by Police CCTV
Biker Cited for Not Wearing Seatbelt
Woman Accused of Bank Fraud
Consul's Wife Accused of Assault
Italian Pedophile Said Abusing Girls
Cyber-Lothario Swindles Women
Forensics Searches Home of Slain Finns
Three Arrests in Pamella Munike Death
Stores Destroyed in ATM Blast
Lottery Widow Acquitted of Murder
ShotSpotter System in Brazil
Motorist Cited for not Wearing Helmet
Burglar Passes Out After Finding Rum
Importer Fined for Medical Waste
AA Pilot Fine Upheld for Obscene Gesture
Trawlers Lynched by Angry Residents