May 14, 2012

Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior in Brazil

Brazil News

| SÃO LUIS, Brazil – Passing through Brazil, where environmentalists will stage demonstrations, Greenpeace's new ship Rainbow Warrior is spotted in San Marcos Bay. The ship is a platform to bring environmental issues to various cities of the country, serving as a 'bridge' for discussion and exposing the problems that still plague the worlds largest rainforest.

Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior

Stock photo of Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior (Photo: G1)

Greenpeace scheduled an action for today (14) in São Luis, to warn of environmental issues. However, they did not announce exactly what actions they will take in Maranhão.

The ship will be open to visitors in May and June in Recife, Santos and Rio de Janeiro, where it will take part in the Rio +20 Conference in June.

About the Rainbow Warrior

The third Greenpeace ship to bear the name Rainbow Warrior, they launched the ship in October last year and has become an icon of sustainability. With every detail designed to cut its impact on the environment, from the use of wind as its main source of propulsion, to its system of water treatment and waste, the ship is a model for sustainable marine architecture.

The diesel-electric propulsion system will only be used under unfavorable weather, or for actions which need full power. Even when under diesel-electric power, the specially designed hull allows fuel savings with less greenhouse gas emissions. More than 3 million regular monthly dues paying members around the world made construction of the ship possible.

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