Jan 7, 2012

Schoolteacher Pregnant with Quadruplets

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – Schoolteacher Maria Veronica Aparecida Vieira, 25, of Taubate (SP), found out in December that she is pregnant with quadruplets.

A very pregnant looking Maria Veronica Vieira. Media reports on Wednesday 18 January 2012 call the woman's purported quadruplet pregnancy into doubt

 Maria Veronica Vieira (Photo: G1 SP/VNews)

Police Seize One Ton of Marijuana in ES

Brazil News

| VITORIA, Brazil – Early Saturday, police seized more than a ton of marijuana being transported in a truck on the BR-262 highway in Luna, on the south coast. Authorities also arrested four men, two in the act of transporting the drug and two others, in the city of Carioca, who were to receive the shipment.

Police in the south coast of Espirito Santo, Brazil seize over one ton of marijuana and arrest four men

On Ton Marijuana (Photo: TV Gazeta/G1 ES)

Jan 6, 2012

Miss Brazil 2010 Released from Hospital

Brazil News

| VITORIA, Brazil – Miss Brazil 2010, Debora Lyra, was discharged from the hospital on Thursday afternoon in Vitoria. She will be staying at the home of her parents while she recovers from a horrifying head-on collision on December 27th, which claimed the life of her boyfriend's mother. Her boyfriend, Hermon Souza Lopes, was also released from hospital on Thursday.

Miss Brazil 2010, Debora Lyra, pictured with her father after a pageant earlier this year

Debora Lyra and Father (Photo: Daigo Oliva/G1 ES)

Italian Arrested with Cocaine in Fortaleza

Brazil News

| FORTALEZA, Brazil – Federal Police (PF) on Thursday night, arrested a 31-year-old Italian man as he was about to board a flight to Europe carrying cocaine. According to the PF, the man tried to board a flight to Rome with over 2 kg (4.4 lbs) of pure cocaine in 49 bundles between his legs.

About 2.2 kg (4.4 lbs) pure cocaine in 49 bundles seized at the Pinto Martins International Airport in Fortaleza Brazil. An Italian man was about to board a flight to Rome when he was apprehended with the cocaine.

Pure Cocaine (Photo: G1 CE/PF CE)

Brazil Tourists Stranded in Sinai Egypt

Brazil News

| SAINT CATHERINE, Egypt – A group of 50 Brazilian tourists, divided in two buses, was held on Friday on a road in Egypt because of a protest by demonstrators. The bus stopped at about 2:30 pm EST and as of 6 pm had not been able to continue.

Assemblies of God pastor Moisés Ambrósio speaking over cell phone from the Sinai near St Catherine, where 50 Brazilian pilgrims on two buses have been stopped by protests on Friday 06 January 2012 en route to Mount Sinai, Israel.

Moisés Ambrósio (Photo: G1 Brasil)

Drink Beer in Blumenau at Sommerfest

Brazil News

| FLORIANOPOLIS, Brazil – To welcome the hottest season of the year, the city of Blumenau on Thursday, kicked off the sort of mini-Oktoberfest party called Sommerfest. Blumenau, in the Valley of Itajai, is most famous for its annual Oktoberfest – the second largest in the world – behind only Munich, Germany.

First day of Sommerfest in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil, on 05 Jan 2012

Blumenau Sommerfest (Photo: Jaime Batista da Silva/vc repórter/terra.com.br)

Beautiful Brazilians Enjoy Summer

Brazil News

| BRAZIL -- Terra.com.br continues to provide some of the nicest photos illustrating the arrival of the South American Summer in Brazil.

Copacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 06 January 2012

Copacabana Beach (Photo: Murilo Rezende/Futura Press/terra.com.br)

Jan 5, 2012

Brazil Fastest in Growing Facebook

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – Brazil was the fastest growing country in the number of Facebook users in 2011, according to data released by analyst Nick Burcher. He said the country jumped from 8.8 million users in December 2010 to 35 million in the same month of 2011, an increase of 298%.

Bahia Bank Robbers Sing 'Happy Birthday'

Brazil News

| SALVADOR, Brazil – A bank branch office in Baixa Grande, a small town located 252 km (157 miles) from Salvador, was assaulted early Thursday afternoon. According to police, a group of about 10 people arrived at the scene in two cars and overpowered the two security guards.

Broken windows at a bank branch in Baixa Grande, Bahia, Brazil which was robbed by a criminal gang who sang Happy Birthday song as they fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Baixa Grande Bank Branch (Photo: Herbet Leão Oliveira/G1 Bahia)

Dog Survives Shotgun Blast to the Head

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – A Belgian shepherd who survived a shotgun shooting on Wednesday is recovering from his injuries at an animal hospital in Itajobi, in rural Sao Paulo. The lucky dog is receiving care from veterinarian Andréia Cristina Ambrizzi, who named him “Sergeant.”

Sergeant, a two year old Belgian shepherd, continues to recover from a shotgun blast to the head. He is under the care of veterinarian Andréia Cristina Ambrizzi at an animal clinic in Itajobi

”Sergeant” the survivor (Photo: Rodrigo Mansil / TV TEM / G1 SP)

Jan 4, 2012

American Shot During Botafogo Robbery

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – This afternoon, American Brent Winder Girault, 29, was shot in the knee during an attempted robbery in Botafogo, in Rio's South Zone. According to police, two armed men on a motorcycle approached the victim, who has lived in Rio for five years, as he got off a bus at the corner of Sao Clemente and Nelson Mandela streets. Police believe the robbers followed the man from a bank where he had withdrawn money.

Corner of Nelson Mandela and Sao Clemente streets, neighborhood of Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Corner of Nelson Mandela & San Clemente streets (Photo: botafogoemacao.blogspot.com)

Retiree and Dogs Tour on Motorcycle

Brazil News

| VITORIA, Brazil – A motorcyclist touring the state on his motorcycle caught the attention of drivers in Vitoria in December. Retiree Luiz Carlos Negrini of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro was carrying unusual passengers in the sidecar attached to his motorbike.

Luiz Carlos Negrini left Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro in December with his two dogs Nani and Catarina.

Nani and Catarina (Photo: G1 ES/TV Gazeta)

Today in Brazilian History, Jan 4th

Brazil News

| NATAL, Brazil, Jan. 4 1934 – The great French flying boat Southern Cross arrived here early today completing an Atlantic crossing from Saint Louis, Senegal.

Saint Louis Senegal to Natal Brazil, January 4, 1934

Saint Louis/Natal (Photo: ohomemilustrado.blogspot.com)

Photos of Rosana Ferreira Best Butt 2011

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – Sexy magazine has released more photos of Miss Best Butt Brazil 2011 winner Rosana Ferreira.

Sexy Miss Best Butt Brazil 2011 winner Rosana Ferreira takes her top off for magazine photo spread taken by noted Brazilian photographer Vanessa Dalceno

Sexy Rosana Ferreira (Photo: Vanessa Dalceno/Sexy/folha.uol.com.br)

Brazil Buys Ocean Patrol Vessels

Brazil News

| LONDON – The Brazilian Navy has signed a contract worth £133 million ($208 million USD) with BAE Systems for the supply of three Ocean Patrol Vessels and ancillary support services. The contract also contains a Manufacturing License to enable further vessels of the same class to be constructed in Brazil.

LONDON – The Brazilian Navy has signed a contract worth £133 million (172 million USD) with BAE Systems for the supply of three Ocean Patrol Vessels and ancillary support services. The contract also contains a Manufacturing License to enable further vessels of the same class to be constructed in Brazil.

Ocean Patrol Boats (Photo: defenseindustrydaily.com)

Jan 3, 2012

Beauties Hit the Beaches of Rio

Brazil News

| FLORIANOPOLIS, Brazil - There is no better place in the world than the beaches of southern Brazil to see beautiful women.

Brazilian actress and model Suzana Werner on the beach in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday 03 January 2012

Brazilian butt lift workout
(Photo: Fabrício Escandiuzzi/Special for Terra)

Miss Best Butt Brazil Bikini Photos

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – Rosana Ferreira, Miss Best Butt Brazil 2011, did a photo shoot wearing a gold bikini to celebrate the arrival of 2012. Rosana appears very sensual showing off her assets and toasting the new year with a glass of campaign.

Miss Best Butt Brazil 2011 beauty pageant winner poses in a gold bikini with a glass of champaign for New Year celebration

Rosana Ferreira (Photo: terra.com.br)

Rio Negro Bridge Closed by Rain

Brazil News

| MANAUS, Brazil – On Monday afternoon, heavy rain in Manaus caused transportation officials to close the Rio Negro Bridge for about 40 minutes.

Bridge over the Rio Negro in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil was shut to traffic for about 40 minutes on Monday, 2 January 2012

Rio Negro Bridge Closed (Photo: TV Amazonas/G1 AM)

Rio Police Seize 7,000 Motorcycles

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – During a two-month operation that just concluded, Military Police (PM) in Rio seized over 7,000 motorcycles. According to police, the seizure is the main reason for the reduction in crime in the month of December. The motorcycles, most of them with illegal or stolen documents, were used in robberies.

Police in Rio de Janeiro seized over 7,000 motorcycles over the past two months resulting in a sharp decrease in violent crime involving motorcycles.

PM in Rio  (Photo: G1 RJ/RJ TV)

Police Crackdown in Crackland

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – Tuesday morning, Military Police (PM) raided the central Sao Paulo area known as Crackland, where addicts and dealers gather to consume and sell crack cocaine. Over 100 officers took part in the operation, according to Colonel Pedro Borges, which choked off traffic in the region.

Sao Paulo police raided Crackland, or Cracolandia, early Tuesday morning, January 3rd, 2012

Police Raid Crackland (Photo: terra.com.br/Paduardo/Futura Press)

Jan 2, 2012

Debora Lyra Released From ICU

Brazil News

| VITORIA, Brazil - Model Deborah Moura Lyra, 22, Miss Brazil 2010, was transferred from ICU to the inpatient unit of the Center for Integrated Health Care (CIAS) in Vitoria, capital of Espirito Santo, earlier on Monday. According to a medical bulletin, Lyra has "evolved in stable condition, satisfactory for recovery from the type of trauma she suffered."

Debora Lyra, Miss Brazil 2010, before head-on collision, 27 December 2011, in Espirito Santo, Brazil

Debora Lyra Miss Brazil 2010 (Photo: top-beautiful-woman.blogspot.com)