Jan 7, 2012

Police Seize One Ton of Marijuana in ES

Brazil News

| VITORIA, Brazil – Early Saturday, police seized more than a ton of marijuana being transported in a truck on the BR-262 highway in Luna, on the south coast. Authorities also arrested four men, two in the act of transporting the drug and two others, in the city of Carioca, who were to receive the shipment.

Police in the south coast of Espirito Santo, Brazil seize over one ton of marijuana and arrest four men

On Ton Marijuana (Photo: TV Gazeta/G1 ES)

The traffickers methods

According to police spokesman Joel Lyrio, this is not the first time this gang has brought large amounts of marijuana into the state. “They came in with a similar amount last November. They used the same strategy of selling furniture along the coast and hid the drug in the back of the truck. To get away with it, they used the furniture to sneak the drugs across borders,” he told G1 ES.

The to the Atlantic coast drug trafficking corridor

Also according to police, the drug, thought to come from Paraguay, passed through the states of Parana, Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais before reaching Espirito Santo. “During the summer, the possibility of bringing larger amounts of the drug increases. The criminal gang scheduled this shipment for Christmas, but gave up and decided to try to get it in when there were fewer police on the roads,” Lyrio told G1.

The spokesman also said that two police teams are on the streets looking for other criminals who are also part of the gang.

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