Jan 4, 2012

American Shot During Botafogo Robbery

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – This afternoon, American Brent Winder Girault, 29, was shot in the knee during an attempted robbery in Botafogo, in Rio's South Zone. According to police, two armed men on a motorcycle approached the victim, who has lived in Rio for five years, as he got off a bus at the corner of Sao Clemente and Nelson Mandela streets. Police believe the robbers followed the man from a bank where he had withdrawn money.

Corner of Nelson Mandela and Sao Clemente streets, neighborhood of Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Corner of Nelson Mandela & San Clemente streets (Photo: botafogoemacao.blogspot.com)

While inside the bank, Brent noticed suspicious activity outside so he decided to give the money to a woman who had accompanied him and leave the bank without the cash or the woman in an attempt to deceive the robbers. The plan worked—the woman was able to leave the bank and make her way home with the money, but Brent wasn't so lucky.

The American took a bus to try to outwit the bad guys, but was approached soon after getting off the bus. He told the robbers that he didn't have any money on him and so they shot him. Brent was taken by ambulance to the Miguel Cuoto Hospital where he was treated and is in stable condition.

The bandits, who were wearing helmets, escaped. The motorbike's license plate was covered with tape.

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