Jan 4, 2012

Retiree and Dogs Tour on Motorcycle

Brazil News

| VITORIA, Brazil – A motorcyclist touring the state on his motorcycle caught the attention of drivers in Vitoria in December. Retiree Luiz Carlos Negrini of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro was carrying unusual passengers in the sidecar attached to his motorbike.

Luiz Carlos Negrini left Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro in December with his two dogs Nani and Catarina.

Nani and Catarina (Photo: G1 ES/TV Gazeta)

Bitches Nani and Catarina are the pensioner’s inseparable companions on trips he makes around the country. “We've been from to Porto Alegre to Niteroi, and 15 other cities within the state. I've gone 6,140 km (3,815 miles) with them,” Negrini told TV Gazeta.

The animals travel with all necessary care, and they use various security items. “They travel with their eyes and ears protected,” says the retiree. Wherever they go, rider and canine catch the attention of people who fine it interesting enough to take pictures with the dogs in the bike.

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Source(s) for this article: G1 ES/TV Gazeta

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  1. Bringing a dog while you travel is such a brilliant idea. I've seen pets on retirement communities New York and they do stuff with their retired owners. It was such a cute view.