Jan 7, 2012

Schoolteacher Pregnant with Quadruplets

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| SAO PAULO – Schoolteacher Maria Veronica Aparecida Vieira, 25, of Taubate (SP), found out in December that she is pregnant with quadruplets.

A very pregnant looking Maria Veronica Vieira. Media reports on Wednesday 18 January 2012 call the woman's purported quadruplet pregnancy into doubt

 Maria Veronica Vieira (Photo: G1 SP/VNews)

The first ultrasound showed only two babies. In October, one more appeared. From the size of her belly, however, her family suspected she was carrying more than three. In December, the fourth was discovered.

At 34 weeks of gestation (pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks), the educator needs to order special clothes, sleep almost sitting up, and she has difficulty walking.

She says that she also has to go barefoot because she can't even fit flip-flops on her swollen feet. So far, Maria Veronica says she has “only” gained 30 kg (66 lbs).

Owner of a nursery school, she and metallurgist Kleber Eduardo Vieira, 37, already parents of a four year old boy, Kaue, are a rare case.

The probability of getting a woman pregnant with quadruplets – absent fertility treatments – is 1 in 658,500, according to obstetrician Helvio Bortolozzo Soares.

The obstetrician also said that with quads, it is common that the babies be born with low birth weight and premature until the 33rd week of gestation.

“She's lucky, she made it past the 33 week mark,” Soares told Folha.

The teacher says that during her weekly doctor visits, they haven't detected any problems with their daughters—yes, all for are girls.

The four girls – Klara, Eduarda, Fernanda and Vitoria – are scheduled to be delivered on the 20th of January via Cesarean section.

Pregnant with Quads (video: CN Notícias/YouTube.com/tvcancaonova)

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Source(s) for this article: Folha de Sao Paulo

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