Aug 20, 2011

Vehicle Search Leads to Fake Cash

SAO PAULO - A man was arrested late on Friday with R$ 14,800 (about $10,000) in counterfeit bills in Santa Isabel, in the São Paulo metropolitan area. According to police, David Morais Cardoso da Silva, 31, was caught red-handed at the 184 km marker on the President Dutra highway. A Highway Patrol spokesman said that the driver, who was pulled over for speeding, seemed nervous and contradicted himself when asked where he was going.

Five Men Slain at Two Bars in Curitiba

CURITIBA, Brazil - Five men were killed in fights that occurred outside two Curitiba bars in the early hours of Saturday. Police say the crimes are unrelated.

Jaguar Sighted Cruising City Streets

Police observed the animal on CCTV

SAO PAULO - A jaguar was spotted on police surveillance cameras cruising the streets of Campos do Jordao, a city of 50,000 in the Mantiqueira Mountains, about 181 km from Sao Paulo.

Jaguar spotted cruising city streets in Campos do Jordao, Sao Paulo, Brazil during the pre-dawn hours by police CCTV

Jaguar on CCTV (photo:

Aug 19, 2011

City Considers Taxing the Dead

"Somebody has got to pay," says politician

VITORIA, Espirito Santo - In the small city of Viana, 18 km from the state capitol, Vitoria, the four cemeteries have become so full that the city government is threatening to disinter the deceased to make room for the recently departed.

Viana Bahia Brazil graveyard

Viana Bahia (photo:

Bandits Blast ATMs in Search of Cash

Thirty-eight of the machines blasted open since January 2011

SAO PAULO – Bandits with Explosives hit two ATMs in the metropolitan area yesterday according to authorities. The thefts continue a rash of ATM heists this year bringing the total to 38 since January.

A Banco Bradesco ATM blasted open at a gas station

ATM Blown Open (photo:

Aug 17, 2011

Man Convicted Posting Photos of Ex Lover

The images were too hot to publish here

CURITIBA, Parana – A Businessman in Maringá, in the state of Paraná, was sentenced to two years in prison for publishing compromising photographs of his ex-girlfriend on the internet. The salacious photographs were taken during moments of intimacy before the relationship ended.

Images too hot to publish

Images to hot to publish (image:

Young Woman Held Captive for 20 Years

BELO HORIZONTE, Minas Gerais– A kidnapping investigation led police to discover a young woman held captive for more than 20 years in the state of Minas Gerais. Last week a 7 year old girl was kidnapped from a craft fair in Contagem, a suburb of the state capitol Belo Holizonte.

Aug 16, 2011

Amy Winehouse Brand Cocaine Sold in Rio

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – The famous singer and notorious drug and alcohol user Amy Winehouse, who was found dead in her London home in July, has inspired the drug traffickers of Rio de Janeiro, who have emblazoned their packages of cocaine and crack with the name and image of the artist.

Amy Winehouse used to sell cocaine in Brazil. Packages seized by Military Police

Amy Winehouse Brand Cocaine (photo:

Couple Can't Register Baby Hyzabhoh

You want to name her what?

CURITIBA, Parana – A couple in the state capital has been unable to obtain a birth certificate for their baby daughter, whom they have named Hysabhoh and who was born a little over one month ago. The legal deadline for registering, 45 days after birth, arrives Friday. After that, the birth can only be recorded with a judicial order.

Baby Hysabhoh

Baby Hysabhoh (photo: O Globo)

Aug 15, 2011

Connecting Cellular to TV Antenna Kills

SALVADOR, Bahia - A mobile phone call resulted in the deaths of a couple in Belmonte, Bahia on Thursday. Elizabeth Bishop dos Santos, 30, and Diego Medina Silva, 22, were electrocuted after connecting their mobile phone to a TV antenna.

Generic photo of TV Antenna on top of house

TV Antenna (photo:

Aug 14, 2011

Our Lady of Crack Appears in Sao Paulo

SAO PAULO – In a central Sao Paulo neighborhood known as 'Crackland', an image of the Virgin Mary, made of plaster, white with gold adornments on a blue background, appeared on the side of an abandoned house and above an area frequented by crack cocaine addicts on the Rua Apa last month.