Dec 24, 2011

65-Year Marriage Celebrated

Brazil News

| CAMPO GRANDE, Brazil – On Christmas Eve, retirees Sebastiana de Oliveira Nates, 82, and Isauro Ferreira Nates, 86, celebrated 65 years of marriage. The family gathered together at the Campo Grande home belonging to one of the couples five daughters. Only about 1.2% of all marriages last as long.

Sebastiana de Oliveira Nates, 82, and Isauro Ferreira Nates, 86, kiss while celebrating 65 years of marriage

Dona Sebastiana and Dom Isauro (Photo: G1 MS/TV Morena)

Little Miss Brazil 2012 Selected

Brazil News

| CAMPO GRANDE, Brazil – Giordana Mazzurana, 8, from the southern Brazilian state of Parana, was elected Miss Brazil Child, in a competition held last weekend in Campo Grande. In an interview with G1 MS, Giordana said she was surprised by the victory. “I had no idea that I would be chosen, but I had hope because I prepared well for the contest. I was thrilled when I saw the result,” she said.

Miss Brazil Child 2012 –  an eight-year-old blond from the state of Parana was elected in December 2011 in Mato Grosso do Sul

Miss Brazil Child 2012 (photo: Tatiane Queiroz/G1 MS)

ShotSpotter Canoas Serving as Model for Rio

Brazil News

| PORTO ALEGRE, Rio Grande do Sul – The city of Canoas' experience with the ShotSpotter gunshot detection and location system is serving as a model for Rio de Janeiro. Rio, long regarded as one of the most violent capital cities in Brazil, conducted the first round of calibration for the system in early December. More testing and calibration is scheduled for next year after Carnaval.

ShotSpotter gunshot detection and location system monitoring station in the city of Canoas, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Canoas was the first installation of the technology in South America

ShotSpotter Guajuviras (photo: Vinicius Carvalho/GES/

Dec 23, 2011

Gang Moved Drugs in Ambulances

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – A Civil Police (PC) action against drug trafficking arrested 17 people on Thursday, in the Presidente Prudente neighborhood of Sao Paulo. Police were investigating the scheme set up by a criminal gang, in which ambulances were used to transport drugs around the greater Sao Paulo metropolitan area, reported G1 SP.

Ambulance driver and 16 others arrested in Sao Paulo accused of scheming to use ambulances to traffic drugs throughout the metropolitan Sao Paulo.

Ambulance Driver Arrested (Photo: G1 SP)

Second Naked Man Arrested in SC

Brazil News

| FLORIANOPOLIS, Brazil – Police arrested a man Friday morning after he chased a woman into a hotel in the city of Blumenau, 120 km (75 miles) from Florianopolis. The man, who was trying to attack the woman, was arrested a short time later as he was walking down the street naked, reported

Image of Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil taken from the above

Blumenau Brazil (Photo:

Dec 22, 2011

Lottery Winner's Widow Wants Justice

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – Adriana Almeida, known as the Mega-Sena Widow, said she would not rest until we find who is to blame for the death of her lottery-winner husband. In a trail this month, 34-year-old Adriana was acquitted of orchestrating the killing her husband, who won R$52 million (about $28 million USD) in 2005 and was gunned down outside a bar in 2007.

Adriana Almeida, known as the Mega-Sena Window vows to not rest until her husbands killer is caught

Adriana Almeida the Mega-Sena Widow (Photo:

Summer Arrives in Rio de Janeiro Today

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – Summer officially arrived in Rio at 3:30 am on Thursday, bathing the city in sunshine from dawn. Day broke with few clouds and cool air but, as promised by the weather service, by mid-morning the clear-blue sky was virtually cloudless and the mercury hit 30º C (86º F) at the beach.

RIO DE JANEIRO – Summer officially arrived in Rio at 3:30 am on Thursday, bathing the city in sunshine from dawn. Day broke with few clouds and cool air but, as promised by the weather service, by mid-morning the clear-blue sky was virtually cloudless and the mercury hit 30º C (86º F) at the beach.

Summer Arrives in Ipanema (Photo: O Globo)

Firefighters Capture Alligator in Backyard

Brazil News

| GOIANIA, Brazil – Firefighters in Jaragua on Tuesday captured a baby alligator that was in the backyard of a residence. A spokesman for the local fire department told that the animal was rescued “utilizing appropriate techniques.”

Firefighters in Goias captured a baby alligator after being called to a home by terrified residents on 22 December 2011

Baby Alligator (Photo: de Bombeiros Jaragua, GO/Release)

BAE Systems Wins Brazilian Army Contract

Brazil News

| ARLINGTON, Virginia – BAE Systems, a multi-national defense contractor, announced today a new contract with the Brazilian Army worth $41.9 million USD. The company said that, in partnership with the Brazilian Army, they will upgrade 150 M113B armored personnel carriers to the M113A2 Mk1 configuration.

ARLINGTON, Virginia – BAE Systems, in partnership with the Brazilian Army are upgrading 150 M113 armored personnel carriers for Brazil through a foreign military sales contract worth $41.9 million

 M113 Modernization Project (Photo:

Dec 21, 2011

Rosana Ferreira Nude Picture Released

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – Rosana Ferreira, the winner of Miss Best Butt Brazil 2011, graces the cover of the January issue of Sexy magazine. The magazine's photo essay hits Brazilian newsstands on 26 December.

Cover of Sexy magazine containing photo spread of Rosana Ferreira, Miss Best Butt Brazil 2011

Sexy Magazine (Photo:

Click “Read more »” to see the nude photo released by the magazine today.

Beautiful People Flood Florianopolis Beaches

Brazil News

| FLORIANOPOLIS, Brazil – The heat wave that hit this South Atlantic capital city last Saturday continues with the beautiful people going to the beach. The mercury topped 37º C (98.6º F) in some cities in the state on Tuesday afternoon.

Woman in a white bikini walks along a Florianopolis Beach on Monday 20 December 2011

Woman on Brazil beach (Photo: Fabrício Escandiuzzi/Special for Terra)

Shot 12x, Lives Thanks to Shotspotter

Brazil News

| PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil – A young man in southern Brazil probably owes his life to the Shotspotter gunfire detection and location system. At about 7 am, on September 14th this year, Alessandro Nascimento Maia, 25, was shot 12 times and left for dead in the middle of a street in the city of Canoas.

Shotspotter training console image

Shotspotter (Photo:

Dec 20, 2011

Europe Warns of Brazilian Drug Tourists

Brazil News

| LISBON – The border police of the European Union, Frontex, is warning of a new trend of middle-class tourists from Brazil who engage in drug tourism. The organization points out that young people can earn a premium of $20,000, on top of a sightseeing trip through Europe with all expenses paid just by bringing a load of ecstasy pills or LSD back to Brazil.

Ecstacy tablets seized at Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo in November

Ecstacy Tablets (Photo: G1 SP)

Mercosur: Trade Agreement with Palestine

Brazil News

| MONTIVIDEO – The state of Palestine and the Mercosur trade group signed a free trade agreement today in the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo. Palestinian foreign affairs minister Riyad Al Maliki signed the agreement with the foreign ministers of each of the core Mercosur nations – Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Mercosur Foreign Ministers Sign Historic Free Trade Agreement with Palestine

Mercosur Foreign Ministers Sign Trade Agreement with Palestine (Photo:

Police Seize $2 Million Cash

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – Police this morning seized an amount of cash estimated to be over R$2 million from a mansion being used by bookies involved in the numbers racket. Police needed a shopping cart to help load the cash, worth just over one million U.S. dollars, into vehicles to be transported to secure facilities where the money is still being counted.

Police in Rio de Janeiro seized a 'shopping cart' full of cash – estimated to be R$2 million – in a raid aimed at the numbers racket

$2 million cash (Photo: Jornal do Brasil)

Dec 19, 2011

Christmas Gift Baskets Seized in Rio

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – Police on Monday afternoon seized more than 220 Christmas Gift Baskets that were to be distributed to players and “pointers” in the numbers racket. Authorities were tipped off to the house on Rua Carlos de Oliveira, where the gift baskets were found, in the Rio de Janeiro suburb of Abolition.

Police in Rio de Janeiro seize 220 Christmas Gift Baskets tied to numbers racket

Christmas Gift Baskets (Photo: G1 RJ)

Dog Waits Outside Hospital for Master

Brazil News

| VITORIA, Brazil – A dog named “Princess” followed her owner to the hospital in Vitoria after he was injured and waited for him outside for two weeks. The owner died at Sao Lucas hospital, and still the dog waited near the front door for his return until today when a woman took her to an animal shelter.

Princesa the loyal dog followed an ambulance carrying her injured master to the hospital where she waited outside for the man, who has since died, to return

Princess the Loyal Dog (Photo: TV Gazeta/G1 ES)

Police Seize TVs Stuffed with Cash

Brazil News

| MANAUS, Amazonas – On Saturday, Federal Police (PM) in Manaus found R$144,000 ($77,000 USD) in cash hidden inside two flat screen TV sets during a routine inspection. The appliances were on board a vessel in the Port of Manaus which was about to leave for Tabatinga.

$144,000 reals ($77,000 USD) hidden in flat screen television sets about to leave the Port of Manaus to the port city of Tabatinga 1,105 km upstream from the capital, near the borders with Colombia and Peru.

R$144 thousand cash (photo: Reuters / Federal Police / G1 Amazonas)

Young Woman Found in a Suitcase

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – Police found the body of a young woman stuffed in a suitcase in a Sao Paulo apartment on Sunday after neighbors called to complain of an overwhelming odor. Police said they were called to the apartment building, in the working-class neighborhood of Bela Vista, in the center of the city, by neighbors who said that the strong smell had been emanating from the apartment for days.

Body of Young Woman Found in a Suitcase in SP. Police called by neighbors who where overwhelmed by the stench coming from neighboring apartment

Body of Woman Found in Suitcase (Photo:

Dec 18, 2011

See First 'Sexy' Photo of Miss Best Butt

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – The first preview photo of Miss Best Butt Brazil 2011 Rosana Ferreira was released by the men's magazine 'Sexy' on Sunday, 18 December 2011. The magazine, featuring the aspiring actress posing nude, is expected on newsstands within the next 25 days.

Miss Bumbum Brasil Rosana Ferreira poses for 'Sexy' magazine. First preview released on Sunday 18 December 2011

Miss Best Butt Brazil (Photo: 'Sexy' Magazine via Folha de Sao Paulo)

13 Tons of Marijuana Seized in Brazil

Brazil News

| CAMPO GRANDE, Brazil – The Federal Police (PF) seized 13.7 metric tons of marijuana being transported in two trucks, Saturday night, on a highway in Central-West Brazil. The vehicles were stopped at a roadblock while driving along the MS-156 highway near the town of Caarapo, 273 km (170 miles) from Campo Grande, according to G1 MS.

Federal Police seize over 13 tons of marijuana (Photo: Reuters / PF / G1 MS)

13 tons of marijuana seized (Photo: Reuters/PF/G1 MS)

Woman Arrested Brandishing Pistols

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – A 36-year-old woman was arrested on Saturday night by officers of the Special Operations Police Battalion (BOPE) after brandishing two pistols in a bar. The confrontation and arrest took place in the neighborhood of Larangeiras, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, according to the Civil Police (PC).

Stock photo of two pistols. Woman arrested in Larangeiras bandishing two pistols in bar. Officers of the BOPE (Battalion Special Operations Police) were drinking in bar when the young woman pulled out her guns

Two Pistols (photo: