Dec 24, 2011

ShotSpotter Canoas Serving as Model for Rio

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| PORTO ALEGRE, Rio Grande do Sul – The city of Canoas' experience with the ShotSpotter gunshot detection and location system is serving as a model for Rio de Janeiro. Rio, long regarded as one of the most violent capital cities in Brazil, conducted the first round of calibration for the system in early December. More testing and calibration is scheduled for next year after Carnaval.

ShotSpotter gunshot detection and location system monitoring station in the city of Canoas, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Canoas was the first installation of the technology in South America

ShotSpotter Guajuviras (photo: Vinicius Carvalho/GES/

Roberto Motta, who represents the technology in Brazil, told Claudia Boff, writing for Diario de Canoas, that the 70 acoustic sensors installed in the neighborhood of Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro, are already in the testing phase. “From a technical point of view, the system is very similar to that of Canoas. The challenge is that the area is very urban, with a concentration of tall buildings stuck together,” said the executive with ASI Brasil. In Rio, the acoustic sensors are on the top of the buildings, while in the Canoas neighborhood of Guajuviras they use masts.

The Rio de Janeiro project, championed by the State Secretariat for Safety, is deployed over 6.3 square km (2.43 square miles) of valleys and shantytowns surrounding Maracana stadium. “It will be a pilot, to assess the impact of technology in the operations made in Rio, along with the Pacification Police Units (UPP).”

Eduardo Pazinato, the Canoas Secretary of Public Safety, says that a few months ago a delegation from Rio de Janeiro was in Canoas to learn about how the system functions. “While we import the good example of the UPP, the gaucho (residents of Rio Grande do Sul) model is Territories of Peace, where we share how ShotSpotter falls within the city's security policies.”

Since September 2009, 22 victims of gun violence were rescued and eight persons arrested. The latest incident (as of Dec 7th) occurred December 6th, at 4:20 pm, when the ShotSpotter system detected shots in Guajuviras, enabling us to quickly find a young man who had been shot in the buttocks.

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