Dec 19, 2011

Dog Waits Outside Hospital for Master

Brazil News

| VITORIA, Brazil – A dog named “Princess” followed her owner to the hospital in Vitoria after he was injured and waited for him outside for two weeks. The owner died at Sao Lucas hospital, and still the dog waited near the front door for his return until today when a woman took her to an animal shelter.

Princesa the loyal dog followed an ambulance carrying her injured master to the hospital where she waited outside for the man, who has since died, to return

Princess the Loyal Dog (Photo: TV Gazeta/G1 ES)

Street vendor Jackson Oliveira, who plies his trade outside the hospital, said the dog appeared at the site two weeks ago following the ambulance that carried her owner after he was hit by a car in an accident. She waited for him to return since then, taking shelter under a bench, on the outside of the facility.

“She received care from hospital staff and people who live here in the street too. They gave her food and water and also put a cloth on cardboard for her to stay warm,” he told G1 ES.

According to the hospital, a woman who takes care of animals at a shelter took the dog on Monday. The name and address of the shelter was not disclosed as the woman wanted to remain anonymous.

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Brazilian online news source for this article: G1 ES

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