Dec 22, 2011

Lottery Winner's Widow Wants Justice

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| RIO DE JANEIRO – Adriana Almeida, known as the Mega-Sena Widow, said she would not rest until we find who is to blame for the death of her lottery-winner husband. In a trail this month, 34-year-old Adriana was acquitted of orchestrating the killing her husband, who won R$52 million (about $28 million USD) in 2005 and was gunned down outside a bar in 2007.

Adriana Almeida, known as the Mega-Sena Window vows to not rest until her husbands killer is caught

Adriana Almeida the Mega-Sena Widow (Photo:

“I will not rest until we catch the culprit,” vowed the widow. Earlier this month, she was cleared by a jury in Rio Bonito, in the coastal lowlands of the state, of ordering the death of her husband, Renne Senna in order to inherit his wealth.

Senna won the Mega-Sena lottery in 2005. A year later he began dating Almeida and they were married a short time later. In 2007, Senna was shot dead outside a bar. Suspected of having ordered the murder of her husband, the former hairdresser was arrested and remained behind bars for a year and a half. Almeida accuses Senna's daughter of the crime.

“She has gained, in four years, R$2 million (about $1.07 million USD)and the inventory of the (her husband's) farm. Now you see how the farm is. Completely abandoned. And me? I haven't received any money since this story began until today. So, who profits from the death of Renne?” she asked.

The estate of Renne Senna is now valued at more than R$100 million (about $54 million USD), but the money still has no owner. If definitively acquitted (the prosecutor is appealing her acquittal at trial), the widow will be entitled to half the fortune. The other half would go to the daughter of the lottery winner.

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