Sep 24, 2011

Police Turn Down $5,200 Bribe

GOIANIA, Goias – Early Saturday morning, Military Police (PM) arrested two suspected drug traffickers in the Vila Nova area of the capital of Goias state in central Brazil. One of those arrested offered police a U.S. $5,200 bribe to let them go, but the police turned them down, reports

$5,200 bribe turned down by police

Bribe turned town (Photo:

Businesswoman Passes Out While Driving

Businesswoman Passes Out While Driving
by Michael Hone

BAC Nearly Four Times Legal Limit

VITORIA, Brazil – A drunken driver crossed over the raised median on the busy Avenida Dante Micheline, on the edge of Camburi Beach, around 4 pm on Friday. A breathalyzer analysis revealed that the businesswoman, Valeria Regina Germano Brezinski, 47, had a blood alcohol level nearly four times higher than allowed by law, reported O Globo Online.

Valeria Regina Germano Brezinski passed out in car near Camburi Beach

Sep 23, 2011

Government Debates Changes to Smoking Laws

Government Debates Changes to Smoking Laws
by Michael Hone

Would Allow Smoking in Bars and Restaurants in Some Cases

BRASILIA, Brazil – The Ministry of Health is participating in negotiations that would end the total ban on smoking in bars and restaurants nationwide. The proposed amendment to the Provisional Measure 540 (MP) under consideration envisions the creation of establishments used exclusively for smokers, reports O Estado de S. Paulo.


Women Gain in Restaurant and Bar Sector

Women Gain in Restaurant and Bar Sector
by Michael Hone

O Globo Reports Food and Beverage Helps Cariocas Earn Good Incomes

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Bars and restaurants in this world-famous city now offer some of the most lucrative opportunities for women seeking employment. Business owners and human resource consultants in the industry say that, many times, they prefer women over men because they perceive them to be more passionate and familiar with the customers.


Sep 21, 2011

Hitman Helps Target Fake Her Death

Killer-For-Hire and Intended Victim Were Long-Time Friends

PINDOBACU, Bahia – A woman, and the hitman hired to kill her, may now face larceny charges for conspiring to fake her own death. According to a police investigation, Iranildes Aguilar de Araujo, known as Lupita, received the equivalent of U.S. $127 from the would-be killer for staging photographs depicting her own death.


Jail Visitor Busted with Pot Inside Orange

Jail Visitor Busted with Pot Inside Orange
by Michael Hone

Guard Became Suspicious Over the Fruit's Weight

MATINHOS, Brazil – Civil Police in this town, in the state of Parana, took a man into custody Tuesday afternoon after they caught him red-handed as he tried to enter the city's jail with drugs hidden inside of an orange.


Sep 20, 2011

Model Found Dead After Leaving Bar

Model Found Dead After Leaving Bar
by Michael Hone

Suspect Admits Breaking into Her Home but Denies Killing Her

PONTA GROSSA, Brazil – The Civil Police on Monday afternoon took into custody a man accused of murdering a 21-year-old model found dead after leaving a bar. The victim's mother found the body of Agna Rocha at around 8 am in the house where the two lived.


Fire Destroys School Bus in Goias

Bus Caught Fire on Way to School

GOIANIA, Brazil – A fire consumed a school bus carrying 15 children on Monday in Porangatu, northern Goias. The vehicle caught fire during the journey to school, apparently due to mechanical problems.


Update: Santa Teresa Bonde Accident

Graphic Video Taken in Aftermath of Trolley Accident

RIO DE JANEIRO – A new video posted on the internet last Friday shows people rescuing victims shortly after the Santa Teresa Trolley accident last August 27th. The graphic video, available on YouTube, shows volunteers rescuing victims from the wreckage of the derailed tram even before the arrival of rescue workers.

Sep 19, 2011

More Than 17,000 Wiretaps in August

More Than 17,000 Wiretaps in August
by Paulo Diego dos Santos

In 2011 Slightly Lower Numbers of Wiretaps Compared to Last Year

BRASILIA, Brazil - In August, Brazilian courts ordered at least 17,122 telephone lines to be monitored, according to a statement on Monday by the National Council of Justice (CNJ). The number is slightly lower than the number from the same month last year, when the courts ordered 17,417 wiretaps.

Wiretap center

Wiretap listening post (photo:

Youth Caught Trying to Escape Police

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Municipal Police from the 12th Precinct in Copacabana caught Francisco Vitor Pessoa Soares, 24, as he tried to escape from the precinct lockup through a window Sunday afternoon, reported O Dia Online.


Sailboat Runs Aground on Copacabana

Fifteen Passengers Rescued from Stranded Vessel

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Gail winds on Saturday forced a sailboat ashore on Copacabana Beach. The boat was still on the beach, drawing the attention of beach goers on Monday. The boat has been listing in the surf since it ran adrift on Saturday, reported O Dia Online.


Update: Santa Teresa Trams Out For a Year

World Famous Bonde to be Restored From the Ground Up

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Rio's world famous Santa Teresa Bonde will be out of service for at least a year, said Rogerio Onofre, president of the Department of Transportation and Highways (DETRO). Rio de Janeiro Governor Sergio Cabral had selected Onofre to oversee the reconstruction of the Bonde system, reported O Globo Online Monday.


Sep 18, 2011

Brasilia Goes 100 Days Without Rain

Dry Weather Expected to Continue

BRASILIA – This capital city on Sunday marked 100 days without rain. There is no expectation that Brasilia will see rain this week says The National Institute of Meteorology (INMET). They do expect to see rain by the end of September.


Girls Run Race Wearing High Heels

SAO PAULO - An unusual race on Sunday morning rocked the Southern district of Sao Paulo. The first Race of the High Heels attracted some 150 participants vying for a U.S. $580 prize in the parking lot at the Morumbi Shopping Mall.


Consul Launches Rio Cycling Campaign

Netherlands Love of Two-wheeled Transportation Comes to Rio

RIO DE JANEIRO - The Consulate-General of the Netherlands has launched the third annual campaign to encourage Cariocas to adopt the Dutch tradition of bicycle use. This year's campaign launched Sunday, with an 11-kilometer ride beginning at the World War II memorial in Aterro do Flamengo. More than 2,000 cyclists participated.