Apr 27, 2012

Auto Thieves Rescued after Fleeing Cops

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – After stealing a car, getting in an accident and exchanging gunfire with police, two thieves took what some might think unusual action, in Santos, last Saturday. Surrounded, they fled into the bush, but, wounded and lost, they called the fire department and asked for help, reported G1.

What is left of a stolen car after two auto thieves tried to escape pursuing police in Sao Paulo Saturday.

Stolen Car used in Escape (Photo: Tatyana Jorge/TV Tribuna/G1)

Apr 26, 2012

Pregnant Alessandra Ambrósio poses Nude

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – Visibly pregnant, model Alessandra Ambrósio posed nude for an advertising campaign for the jewelry brand Vivara. The photo-shoot occurred at the Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro.

Pregnant Alessandra Ambrósio poses nude for an advertising campaign for Vivara jewelry

Pregnant Nude Alessandra Ambrósio (Photo: Facebook/Folha)

Cabbie: Nine Babies Born in my Taxi

Brazil News

| VITORIA, Brazil – A cab driver in South-East Brazil says that nine children have been born in his taxi cabs during his 50 years behind the wheel. Juracyr Zardin, 70, says that the latest baby to be born in his cab was delivered on Wednesday, in Vila Velha, in Espirito Santo state.

Cabby Juracyr Zardin says that nine babies have been born in his cabs over 50 years of driving – including one of his grandchildren.

Brazilian Cabbie Juracyr Zardin (Photo: G1)

Liquid Cocaine Smuggling in Brasilia

Brazil News

| BRASILIA – Federal Police, for the first time in the Federal District, seized cocaine in liquid form. The drugs came from Peru and were being taken to Africa, according to police.

Liquid cocaine seized for the first time in Brazil’s Federal District, on Wednesday 25 April 2012. JK International Airport

Liquid Cocaine (Photo: G1)

Apr 24, 2012

Four Arrested Posting Prostitution Ads

Brazil News

| RIO DE JENEIRO – Police on Tuesday arrested four people suspected of pasting advertisements promoting prostitution on public telephone booths in Copacabana. The small posters featured images of naked women – usually faceless – along with pornographic solicitations, reported RJTV.

Ads promoting prostitution pasted on telephone booths in Copacabana, Tuesday 24 April 2012.

Prostitution Ads (Photo: RJTV)

Apr 23, 2012

Man Found after 37 Days Lost in Amazon

Brazil News

| MANAUS, Brazil – Miner Roque Veigas, 45, who was lost in the Amazon jungle since early March, was found alive on Monday. He and another man were in the jungle researching gold mining areas near the municipality of Apuí (453 km from Manaus), on the border with Para state. He was missing for 37 days.

Roque Veigas was lost in the Amazon jungle for 37 days before being rescued today, 23 April 2012.

Roque Veigas (Photo: Ivanir Valentim/TV Amazonas)

Highway Police Seize 20,000 Ecstasy Tabs

Brazil News

| CURITIBA, Brazil – Federal Highway Police (PRF) in southern Brazil seized 20,000 ecstasy tablets during a routine inspection on Monday morning. Police said that the ecstasy seizure, near the town of Cascavel, Parana, was the largest ever in the state and one of the largest in the country.

A Federal Highway Police agent weighs and counts drugs seized on Monday 23 April 2012 in Cascavel, Parana, Brazil

20,000 Ecstasy tablets (Photo: PRF/terra.com.br)

Iranian Diplomat Unwelcome in Brazil

Brazil News

| BRASILIA – The Brazilian government hopes that Iran officially recalls the diplomat accused of molesting girls in a country club swimming pool in the capital. If the Iranian embassy does not formalize his departure, the Foreign Ministry intends to declare him persona non grata, an extreme measure in diplomatic relations.

Brazil and Iran crossed flags

Brazil and Iran Flags (Photo: crossed-flag-pins.com)

Apr 22, 2012

Copacabana Palace Hotel Renovation

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – The most famous hotel in Rio de Janeiro, the Copacabana Palace, will be renovated this year and will be selling historic items. The second major renovation since the iconic hotel opened in 1923, will see bedside tables, dressers, sofas and lamps offered for sale to the general public.

The Copacabana Palace Hotel, which opened in 1923, will undergo a renovation and many items of furniture will be sold to the public.

Copacabana Palace Hotel (Photo: Folha de Sao Paulo)