Jan 6, 2012

Brazil Tourists Stranded in Sinai Egypt

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| SAINT CATHERINE, Egypt – A group of 50 Brazilian tourists, divided in two buses, was held on Friday on a road in Egypt because of a protest by demonstrators. The bus stopped at about 2:30 pm EST and as of 6 pm had not been able to continue.

Assemblies of God pastor Moisés Ambrósio speaking over cell phone from the Sinai near St Catherine, where 50 Brazilian pilgrims on two buses have been stopped by protests on Friday 06 January 2012 en route to Mount Sinai, Israel.

Moisés Ambrósio (Photo: G1 Brasil)

The group left Cairo in the morning heading for Israel. Near the town of Saint Catherine, while still in Egypt, the bus had to stop because of a protest in the road.

Speaking to the G1 network by telephone, the pastor of the Assemblies of God, Moisés Ambrósio, the tour organizer, said that the group has no food or bathroom. They are rationing the water brought by the tourists.

According to Ambrósio, the local guides said that the protest blocked the road ahead and that there is no way for the bus to leave the location until the road is unblocked.

Also according to Ambrósio, the Brazilians didn't suffer any kind of violence by local groups. “We haven't seen any violence. We are well. We're just sitting here for hours, with only water, which we are rationing,” the pastor told G1.

Ambrósio said that a major reason for concern is the cold at night. “It's damn cold. From inside the bus, we see fires up ahead and we heard some shots. We have no bathroom. We are quite here on the bus,” he said.

Once the buses stopped on the road, the pastor contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Brazil in Cairo.

According to the Itamaraty, as the Brazilian Foreign Ministry is known, the Brazilian group was stopped on the road due to a protest by local residents. Also according to the ministry, no vehicles are able to pass along the road to Israel.

The final destination of the Brazilian tourists is Mount Sinai. The group was to have spent the night in Israel.

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Source(s) for this article: Iara Lemos/G1 Brasilia

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  1. That is unfortunate. I hope their travel insurance covers something like this. Imagine all those time lost to the tourists that they could have spent in completing their tour.