Jan 17, 2012

Men Swimming with Giant Green Anaconda

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| CAMPO GRANDE, Brazil – Images of a giant anaconda being photographed underwater created a stir this week on Facebook Brazil. After the amazing images were posted and shared, many Facebook users posted comments doubting the authenticity of the photographs.

A giant anaconda, estimated to be about 23 feet in length, is photographed underwater by biologist Daniel De Granville in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

Giant Anaconda Underwater (Photo: Daniel De Granville/Natura/G1)

The biologist and the images of the giant serpent

Biologist Daniel De Granville, who took the pictures, assured the G1 network that the images of the huge reptile, which he estimated to be about seven meters (23 feet), are genuine and that he captured them in the Formoso River, in Bonito, 300 km (186 miles) from Campo Grande.

Video of Giant Anaconda Underwater (Photo: YouTube/w1tenminutes)

De Granville says that the photos are original and made in a natural environment without any digital manipulation beyond the basic settings for color, sharpness and saturation. The images were captured in August 2010 in a location away from the city's tourist attractions and in an area restricted to most visitors.

The area where the giant green anaconda was spotted is restricted

According to the biologist, access to the area is restricted to researchers or film crews. De Granville says that the anaconda is a shy animal and tends to stay away from places where there is a constant human presence. “The possibility of finding an animal of this size in tours made by visitors who some to the region is very remote,” he told G1.

The Chinese, Czechs and Swiss

The images were made in the company of Chinese, Czech and Swiss photographers and the owner of a travel agency which specializes in underwater filming. “We found a place with more chances to observe it and we were there several days. They got pictures of the animal out of water, but the main goal was the underwater shots,” said the biologist.

The giant green anaconda underwater

Also according to De Granville, the enormous serpent showed no aggression, and there were never any incidents or danger to the team. “It's a very tolerant animal. We were filming for more than forty minutes.” If a tourist is faced with an anaconda, De Granville advises that the animal must be respected in its habitat. “It is vital not to block his escape route or to annoy it by trying to manipulate it with noise or nudges,” he said.

Tourism in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul
According to Wikipedia, Bonito, in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul, is known as the “Caribbean of the Central-West” because of the unbelievable blue color of its waters. The government of the region promotes tourism in the area but also strictly controls the number of tourists allowed. These limitations are aimed at preserving the rich natural beauty of the area.

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