Jan 19, 2012

30-Year Anniversary: Elis Regina Death

Brazil News

| PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil – Today is the 30-year anniversary of the death of Brazil's greatest female vocalist ever, Elis Regina. This month, the singer Maria Rita must comb through the numerous anthologies and hits of her mother, Elis, to select the songs that will make up a retrospective show which opens March 17 in Sao Paulo. The show will tour five capitals, including Porto Alegre, integrating exhibitions planned for this year.

Today, 19 January 2012, is the 30-year anniversary of the death of the woman considered to be Brazil's best ever vocalist, Elis Regina

Elis Regina (Photo: Juarez Flores/zerohora.rbsdirect.com.br)

Titled Live Elis, the project is headed by the eldest son of Elis Regina, Joao Marcello Boscoli, a founder of the record label Trama. Sponsored by Nivea, the initiative includes, besides the shows, a multimedia exhibition with videos, TV specials, records, photographs, documents, clothing, personal items, concert posters, articles and interviews in newspapers and magazines, among other items amassed by the family with the help of fans and collectors who voluntarily organized themselves and gave their collections to form the exhibit.

This collective effort is aimed at preserving for posterity the various collections of Elis memorabilia to help establish an Elis Regina Institute with headquarters in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro (cities where Elis lived) or in her hometown of Porto Alegre. In addition to the institute, research and interviews undertaken by one of those involved in the project, Allen Guimaraes, will be compiled into a book which will be distributed to libraries throughout the country.

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While the program of songs hasn't yet been formalized, there is a great expectation of which of Elis' songs will be included in the show, which comes to Porto Alegre in the middle of the year. Elis' son, João, said the final decision rests with his sister, Maria, who will be selecting the songs this month to begin rehearsals in February, accompanied by a quartet of musicians (piano, bass, drums and guitar).

In a statement to Zero Hora via email, on Tuesday, João commented that he is also eager to know which songs his sister, Maria Rita, will choose.

“I don't know anything of the repertoire, but I am curious.”

The tributes to mark 30 years without Elis are not limited to the initiative by the two children of the singer.

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