Feb 9, 2012

Man Walks Out of Bank with Stolen Cash

Brazil News

| RECIFE, Brazil – A lone man walked into a bank yesterday morning and walked out a few minutes later with a pouch full of cash. According to police, the robber left the bank with the bag of money after asking to use the restroom. The theft was recorded by the office security cameras and is now being analyzed by investigators.

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Police say that the incident took place shortly after the Bank of Brazil branch office opened to the public. The man allegedly asked an employee if he could use the restroom, which is in the restricted area of the bank. After being allowed to enter, he strolled into the vault, which was open, casually took the money and left the bank. At no time was he approached by bank officials or security.

The cameras also showed other suspicious men loitering in the vicinity of the bank's ATMs at the time of the theft, which police believe to be the thief's cronies. There is also the possibility that an employee of the bank helped the thief.

This isn't the first time that this type of robbery has occurred in Pernambuco. On Monday, two men committed a similar robbery at a branch of Bradesco bank in Palmeras, in southern Pernambuco, also walking away with a bag of cash. Police would not confirm whether the theft in Recife was related to the one in Palmeras.

The amount of money lost in the assault was not disclosed. The thief is still at large.

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