Feb 10, 2012

13.7 Pound Baby Born in Southern Brazil

Brazil News

| FLORIANOPOLIS, Brazil – Physicians at the Passo Fundo City Hospital were caught off-guard Friday morning when they delivered a gigantic baby. According to the hospital, a pregnant woman gave birth to a 6.2 kg (13.7 lb) 57 cm (24.5 inch) baby boy.

Super Baby Felipe, weighing 13.7 lbs, was born in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil on Friday 10 February 2012.

Felipe 13.7 lbs (Photo: Passo Fundo City Hospital/G1 RS)

Doctors and hospital staff – not to mention the mother – were surprised at the size of the infant, since tests conducted last week estimated the baby boy would tip the scales at a mere 5 kg (11 pounds).

The child was delivered via Cesarean section and was referred to neonatal ICU as standard procedure. Doctors say the boy is doing well. The mother, Andressa, is already in recovery. Mom named the super baby Felipe.

Gigantic babies are becoming less anomalous. On January 31st, a woman on Long Island, in New York, delivered a 14 lb baby “naturally,” and a few months ago, a Texas woman delivered a 16 lb baby.

Baby Felipe 13.7 lbs (Video G1 RS)

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