Dec 12, 2011

Two Busted with Cocaine at Rio's Airport

Brazil News

| RIO DE JANEIRO – An Angolan man, about 40 years old, was arrested on Sunday evening trying to board a flight to Luanda, Angola with cocaine hidden inside 357 sandals. Also arrested trying to board the same flight, departing from Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport in Rio, was a Tanzanian man carrying 61 capsules of cocaine hidden on his body.

In this photo, Federal Police in Sao Paulo show sandals seized from another Angolan in that city trying to board a flight to Africa in October 2011.

Sandals loaded with Cocaine seized in October 2011 bust in Sao Paulo (photo: G1 Sao Paulo)

According to the Federal Police (PF), the Angolan was carrying cocaine packaged in foil and wrapped inside the shoes packed in six suitcases. The material was detected during a routine screening with the aide of an x-ray machine. The drugs were seized and the suspect was taken to the Joaquim Ferreira de Souza Jail in Bangu.

Also according the PF, a Tanzanian embarking on the same flight to the Angolan capital, Luanda, was caught with 61 capsules of cocaine hidden on his body. About half of the drugs were bound to the suspects legs and the other half was found inside his underwear.

The spokesman for the PF added that the capsules carried by the Tanzanian were discovered when the man passed through a Body Scan machine, a device capable of detecting in seconds objects concealed under clothing or even inside the body of a passenger. The Tanzanian suspect was taken to the Ary Franco Jail in Agua Santa.

Both will be charged with international drug trafficking and, if convicted, will face 5 to 15 years imprisonment.

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