Feb 13, 2012

Beer Bribery Case Gets Man Two Years

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CURITIBA, Brazil – A judge in southwestern Parana sentenced a man to two years for trying to bribe police with six bottles of beer. Police responded to the man's home when his daughters called to report that he was threatening his wife with violence.

Man sentenced to two years imprisonment for trying to bribe police with six bottles of beer.

Skol Beer Rio de Janeiro (Photo: cabecadecuia.com)

According to the prosecutor, the man came home drunk and threatened to beat his wife. The couple's daughters decided to call police. When police arrived on the scene, the man attacked the officers, resisted arrest and continued the struggle until they were able to restrain him and get him into their squad car.

The attempted corruption occurred on the way to the police station when the man offered the officers six bottles of beer and R$200 reals (about $125 USD) to let him go. The man was tried and convicted last year but he appealed the sentence, asking instead for community service.

On Monday, a judge concurred with the original two year prison term and re-sentenced him to the same two year term. “The statements made by police are harmonious with each other and consistent with the context and circumstances in which they gave the facts. Such testimony, therefore, are credible and suitable to sustain the judgment,” said the judge.

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