Feb 14, 2012

Thai Woman Arrested Carrying Cocaine

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – Civil Police arrested a Thai woman, 28, on Monday as she made her way to the Sao Paulo Int'l Airport to board a flight to Turkey. Police say the woman, who speaks no Portuguese, was carrying about one kilo of pure cocaine hidden in disposable diapers.

Civil Police in Sao Paulo arrested a 28-year-old Thai woman carrying one kilo of pure cocaine as she was traveling by taxi to the city's international airport to board a flight to Turkey

Sao Paulo Civil Police (Photo: www2.policiacivil.sp.gov.br)

Police opened an investigation into the Asian woman last Wednesday, when two Bolivians were arrested in the Barra Funda bus station in the west of Sao Paulo. The two Bolivians were overheard talking about a foreign woman staying in a hotel in the downtown area.

After confirming that the Thai woman was staying at the hotel, the police began watching her, trying to figure out if she was connected with the drug trade. Police observed no suspicious behavior during the stakeout.

According to police, the Thai embarked yesterday in a taxi to the Guarulhos International Airport. Police followed the vehicle and stopped it on Worker's Highway before it reached the airport. When officers searched the woman's baggage, they found the cocaine hidden inside some diapers.

The woman was arrested in the act and taken,along with the driver, to the 10th Precinct in Penha, where police determined that the cocaine amounted to 969.9 grams. Authorities also found three small packets of cocaine and a plane ticket to Istanbul, Turkey.

The woman faces 5 to 15 years in prison if convicted of international drug trafficking.

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