Feb 13, 2012

Video: Men Blasting Open Gas Station ATM

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SAO PAULO – Security cameras recorded a gang of men blowing up an ATM in the early hours of Saturday, in the interior of Sao Paulo state. Two men were arrested right after the blast which completely destroyed the cash machine, which was located in a gas station.

Men Explode ATM at Gas Station (Video G1 Ribeirão e Franca)

The images show a man announcing the robbery to a security guard on duty. Moments later, five suspects enter the camera's view and plant explosives, which detonate destroying the machine. Parts of the machine along with broken glass was spread throughout the area of the blast.

Police heard the noise of the explosion and saw the bandits getting into a truck. Police exchanged gunfire with the gang, disabling the vehicle. Three of the men then managed to steal a Fiat and get away. The stolen vehicle was later found a short distance from the scene of the crime.

One suspect was apprehended and another was shot in the abdomen. The injured man was taken to hospital to receive care. His exact condition is not known but he remains under observation. The other man was taken to jail.

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