Dec 27, 2011

Man Pleads Guilty for Wearing Only Panties

Brazil News

| CAMPO GRANDE, Brazil – A 28-year-old man pleaded guilty to public obscenity on December 12th, after police caught him wearing only ladies panties in public. The court in Maracaju, 160 km (99 miles) from Campo Grande, imposed a fine of R$300 reals (about $162 USD).

Man who was caught wearing just two pair of womens underwear in public after his girlfriend threw him out of the house pleads guilty to public obscenity in Campo Grande

Man in Panties (Photo: Maracaju Speed/G1 MS)

At dawn on July 31st, police approached the man after complaints from area residents. Officers found the man naked, except for two pairs of ladies panties, wondering near a pizzeria. When asked the reason for his attire, or lack thereof, he responded that his girlfriend had thrown him out of the house they shared and that she wouldn't allow him back in to get his clothes.

Police took the man, who had bruises on his knees and elbows, to the station to give a statement. Investigators on duty interrogated him, had him sign his statement, and released him. He left the Maracaju police station wearing a pair of borrowed shorts.

Journalist Roberto Jorge Guimaro, who covers the Maracaju police beat, told G1 that he was touched by the plight of the young man. “The boy was taken to the police station in that condition, and so, I went to my house to get a pair of shorts and lent them to him,” he said.

Also according to the journalist, the man was upset about the situation and appeared to have consumed some alcohol. “At the time it happened, he said he was looking for houses with clotheslines in the backyard so he could get some clothes. He really just wanted to go home,” said Guimaro.

No word on if the couple has since reconciled.

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