Dec 29, 2011

Man Leaving for Work Finds Jaguar in Garage

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – A resident of Campo Limpo Paulista got quite a scare on Thursday morning, when leaving for work, he came face to face with a jaguar in his garage. Frightened, the resident went back inside and called the Municipal Guard (GM) and firefighters.

Brazilian man finds jaguar in his garage when leaving for work Thursday morning.

Jaguar in Garage (Photo: G1 SP)

According to the GM, the animal was very agitated when they arrived. It jumped a six-meter (20 foot) wall and escaped. Firefighters searched the neighborhood but didn't find the animal.

Campo Limpo Paulista is a municipality located in the interior of Sao Paulo state, about 53 km (33 miles) from the capital. It has a (2003) population of about 75,000. Encounters with wildlife are not unusual in the state.

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  1. The photo depicts a mountain lion, not a jaguar.