Oct 5, 2011

Wife Stabs Husband to Death, Mistress Flees

Wife Stabs Husband to Death, Mistress Flees
by Michael Hone

Mistress Flees in Horror as Dying Husband Bleeds Out in Alley

SALVADOR, Brazil – The wife of Gilvan Santos Gonçalves, 34, a day laborer in the small town of Coaraci, Bahia, stabbed her husband to death Tuesday night. Gleide Souza Pereira, 26, attacked her mate with a knife after catching him having sex with his mistress in the couple's bed.

Gilvan Santos Gonçalves Dead in Alley

After catching him in the act, the couple began aruging in front of the house. Gleide stabbed him in the neck while his mistress fled the scene for fear of being killed herself. The girl is being sought by police as a prospective witness but by early this afternoon, police had not located the mistress.

Gleide, who has four children ages two to twelve with Gilvan, was arrested at the scene of the crime after neighbors called authorities. When police arrived, they found Gleide covered in blood and Gilvan dead in an alleyway adjacent to the home the couple shared with their children.

The woman confessed to police that she committed the crime. According to an investigator, Valeria Chave, The woman said that she was sorry and that she did not mean to kill her husband. She went on to say that when she come home from work, she heard her husband in bed with his mistress having sex. She cried as she listened to the pair but she became enraged afterward when she heard him professing his love for the girl. That is when she barged into the house to confront her husband.

Police said the woman will be charged with first-degree murder.

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