Oct 4, 2011

93-Year-Old Twins Die Within Hours

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – The story of 93-year-old twins, who died hours apart, has inspired the inhabitants of Sao Jose dos Campos, a small city 97 km from Sao Paulo, according to the site Vnews. Zilda Maria de Jesus dos Santos and Jose Ferreira Neto, 93, were twins. They were born on April 24, 1918 and died on Sunday in a span of just six hours.

Zilda Maria de Jesus dos Santos and Jose Ferreira Neto- photo from O Globo

The two were sick and hospitalized at the Sao Jose dos Campos Municipal Hospital. Zilda was admitted on Saturday and Jose last Tuesday. Zilda died of respiratory failure on Sunday at about 1 pm. The family, however, did not tell Jose about the death of his twin sister because they didn't want to cause him distress.

Sunday evening, when the family arrived home from Zilda's funeral at the municipal graveyard (in Brazil, the dead are typically buried within hours), they were astonished to receive a call from the hospital informing them of Jose's death. He died of renal failure early that evening.

The family says that the twin's life was a partnership forged in their mothers womb and was so strong that not even death could separate them. Other twins in the family do not fear the same fate.

“I'm still young and have to enjoy life, but if I happen to die with my brother because that's what god wanted, I'll be OK with that,” said Andre Rodrigues, 13, great-grandson of Zilda and a twin himself.

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Source(s) for this article: O Globo

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