Oct 5, 2011

Blond Bombshell Cop Kills Self

Policewoman's Death Ruled Suicide
by Michael Hone

Woman had Just Separated from Boyfriend

PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil – Detective Daniella de Oliveira Mineta, who is investigating the disappearance and death of Military Policewoman Luane Chaves Lemes, 23, has no doubts that the stunning beauty committed suicide after breaking up with her long-time boyfriend.

Luane Chaves Leme - 23 - Suicide Victim

Passers-by discovered her body inn a thicket, on Tuesday evening, alongside Highway Fontoura Xavier (BR-386) in Porto Alegre. Police describe the body as “in a state of advanced decomposition.” Witnesses last saw Luane on September 19th as she boarded a bus in Passo Fundo.

“I have no doubt that it was suicide. All the circumstances we found thus far during the investigation indicate suicide. She wore the same clothes as on the day she disappeared and her service revolver was next to her body with one empty cartridge. Moreover, Luane had all of her belongings and neither her hands nor legs were bound, showing that she had gone to that location of her own accord and had not been robbed,” said the investigator.

Luane decided to take her own life with a single gunshot to the head from her service revolver after having broken up with her boyfriend, a 26-year-old nightwatchman, also a resident of Passo Fundo. “From the very beginning she reacted passionately to the breakup with her ex-boyfriend. She left messages for him the day before she disappeared indicating that she would do something to make him feel guilty and to remember her forever,” said the investigator.

The ex-boyfriend has been interrogated two times by investigators and he will not be interviewed again. Police took Leme's body to the Forensic Medical Department of Soledad, a town near Passo Fundo, for an autopsy. Police do not expect the results of the autopsy to shed any more light on the incident.

A computer forensic team inspected Leme's computer revealed that she looked for farewell messages on the day she disappeared. There were at least 31 clicks on searches for texts intended for children. They also say that she deleted her profile on a social networking site on the morning of September 19th.

Luane Chaves Lemes in Uniform
Luane Chaves Lemes on duty

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