Oct 3, 2011

Police Officer Accused of Murder

Police Officer Accused of Murder
by Michael Hone

Accused of Shooting Ex-Girlfriend Six Times

SALVADOR, Brazil – A police officer was arrested on suspicion of killing his ex-girlfriend and injuring a man who had a relationship with her. The attack took place in the public square of Marcionilio Souza, a small agricultural town, population about 10,000, located in Bahia, 343 km from the capital, Salvador. Paulo Cesar Torres Sena, 38, is being held by police and will have to answer for murder and aggravated assault.

Paulo Cesar Torres Sena -- Orkut

Officer Torres was dating Ana Verina dos Santos, 24, for about a year and a half, but the couple separated a few months ago. “He said in a sworn statement to investigators that whenever he would look at her cell phone, it would show calls to numbers that he didn't know and when he would ask who they belonged to she would dismiss him in an uncaring way,” said police spokeswoman Cleci Maria Vasconcelos. She went on to say that last week, some of Officer Torres's friends saw the victim out in public with another man and they alerted him.

“He went to the ex-girlfriends home to question her about the man. He became enraged by her attitude and pulled his service revolver, saying that he was going to shoot her. She took off running but he shot her two times in the back. She fell in the public square where he shot her four more times, killing her,” said the spokeswoman. He was found at the police station.

The spokeswoman went on to say “he knew that there were no police at the station at that hour and he tried to hide there, but the chief, Renato Fernandes, went to the station to get his gun after hearing of the shooting. There, he was surprised to find Torres but he got the jump on him and arrested him. The new boyfriend was also injured during the scuffle at the woman's house. He was admitted to hospital. There is no word on his condition.

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Brazilian online news source for this article: O Globo

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