Oct 6, 2011

Update: Patricia Frois' Body Arrives Home

Update: Patricia Frois' Body Arrives Home
by Michael Hone

Massachusetts Murder Victim Returns to Minas Gerais

BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil – The body of Massachusetts murder victim Patricia Frois, 24, arrived early Wednesday in her hometown, Frei Inocencio, in eastern Minas Gerais. She will be buried today in the municipal cemetery, according to her aunt, Renata Frois.

Murder Victim Patricia Frois – from orkut.com.br

The brutal murder happened on September 26 in the Boston suburb of Marshfield after she broke up with her Brazilian boyfriend, Marcelo Almeida Machado. She was killed in the hallway of the apartment house where they both lived. Investigators say that Almeida was upset over the breakup.

According to Roseli Frois, the victim's mother, she separated from him because he wasn't taking their relationship seriously. “She wanted to marry—it was her dream—but he refused,” she said. Patricia moved out of the apartment she shared with Almeida a few months ago and into another apartment in the same building. The mother added “I think that he got into drugs, and that was one of the reasons for the breakup. She worked two jobs just to make ends meet. He would tear her clothes, threaten her with death.”

The couple met and lived together for five years in Frei Inocencia, in the Vale do Rio Doce, in Minas Gerais. They had a son, now five-years-old, who still lives in the town. Eventually, Almeida moved to the Boston area and two years later Patricia followed. She moved into and the apartment with her boyfriend where she was ultimately killed.

Her mother says that Patricia was very responsible. She worked two jobs – at a cleaning business and a pizzeria – and sent money home to Brazil every month for the care of her child. The pair's relationship, by all accounts, was marked by violence. Even so, police say that they were never called to the couple's home until the day she was killed.

A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said Almeida surrendered to American police in Marshfield a few hours after the crime.

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