Oct 6, 2011

Update: Blond Bombshell Cop Suicide

Update: Blond Bombshell Cop Suicide
by Michael Hone

Father Says Death No Suicide

PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil – Military Police (PM) Sargent Paulo Luciano Ferreira Lemes, father of PM Luane Chaves Lemes, 23, found dead on Tuesday in a thicket near Highway Fontoura Xavier (BR-386), Porto Alegre, does not believe that his daughter committed suicide.

Military Police Sargent Paulo Luciano Ferreira Lemes after identifying his daughter's body

On Wednesday, he identified the young woman's body before an autopsy was performed in Passo Fundo. Luane was last seen boarding a bus in Passo Fundo bound for Porto Alegre. Civil Police (PC) say that she killed herself after breaking up with her boyfriend.

“I do not believe she committed suicide, but if she did, it is because of her ex-boyfriend. He pursued her and bothered her a lot. She tried to end the relationship several times, but always ended up back with him, at his insistence—over and over again. He harassed my daughter with messages all the time, until she resolved she would no longer see him”, Said Sargent Lemes.

The Sargent told terra.com that his daughter wanted to leave Passo Fundo so that she would no longer have to have contact with him. “She discussed with my son, who is a policeman in Novo Hamburgo, going to stay with him and that is where she was going when she got on that bus.”

Luane will be buried today in the Santo Antonio cemetery in Passo Fundo after lying state at Planaltina Chapel. Very shaken, the Sargent remembered the last time he saw Luane alive on September 18, one day before she disappeared. “We said goodbye on Sunday when she went to work; she was going to work a soccer match. I also worked that day. She was nervous because she knew she was going to leave the next day for Novo Hamburgo. I think he got wind of it and got her off the bus somehow.”

The investigator with the PC in Passo Fundo is certain that Luane took her own life, saying ““I have no doubt that it was suicide. All the circumstances we found thus far during the investigation indicate suicide. She wore the same clothes as on the day she disappeared and her service revolver was next to her body with one empty cartridge. Moreover, Luane had all of her belongings and neither her hands nor legs were bound, showing that she had gone to that location of her own accord and had not been robbed.”

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