Mar 6, 2012

Woman Reunited with Mom After 62 Years

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| CAMPO GRANDE, Brazil – On Friday, an 87-year-old woman was reunited with her 115-year-old mother after more than a half century apart. “I waited 62 years to see my mother. It was very emotional,” retiree Maria Rita Almeida, who traveled from Cuiaba, in Mato Grosso state told G1. The two had not seen each other since the daughter moved from Mato Grosso do Sul, to the neighboring state of Mato Grosso, soon after getting married in 1950.

Maria Rita Almeida, 87, is reunited with her mother, 115, after 62 years of estrangement, on Saturday 03 March 2012.

115-year-old mother reunited with child, 87 (Photo: TV Morena/G1)

Accompanied by six relatives, including children and grandchildren, Maria Rita left her home in Cuiaba on Wednesday and spent almost a full 24 hours on the road. The retiree and her progeny arrived in Corumba, in Mato Grosso do Sul, on Thursday afternoon where they were greeted by an uncle and two cousins, who they had never met.

Since there was no means of transportation to continue their journey to Ladario, a small town near Corumba where her mother lived, the group stayed at the home of relatives before continuing onward Friday and where they will stay before returning to Mato Grosso on Monday.

Maria’s six-decade search for her mother would end on Saturday, when a military police car would give her and her children and grandchildren a ride to her mother’s house where they would finally be reunited. “She was slow to recognize me, but after a few moments she remembered me. It’s a day I’ll never forget,” Maria told G1.

Maria, basking in the emotional moment, decided to ask her mother to go live with her in the neighboring state. “She replied with a smile that she will live with us.”

According to Antonio Almeida, son of Maria and grandson of the centenarian, the joy in seeing his grandmother made all the effort of the long trip worthwhile. “It was a lifetime waiting for the embrace of my grandmother. We both searched; we found a family that we did not expect to know,” Antonio told G1.

Maria Rita moved to Mato Grosso with her new husband soon after her wedding. She explained that so much time had gone by without any contact. “I even sent letters but never got answers. I was once told that my mother and brothers had died and I was devastated. But I didn’t quit because I always had hope in finding them,” said the retiree.

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