Mar 7, 2012

Police Seize U.S. $600 Thousand in Cash

Brazil News

| CUIABA, Brazil – Police in southwestern Brazil seized an aircraft carrying weapons and U.S. $600 thousand dollars cash believed to be destined for Bolivia. The interdiction was made late Wednesday afternoon, near the town of Pocone, 104 km (65 mi) from the Mato Grosso state capital, Cuiaba.

Six hundred thousand U.S. dollars, guns, ammunition and satellite phones were seized from a small aircraft taking off from a farm in southwestern Brazil heading for Bolivia on Wednesday, 07 March 2012.

$600 thousand U.S. dollars (Photo: Divison Almeida/G1)

According to Civil Police Narcotics Chief, Gustavo Garcia, in addition to the cash, agents seized 60,000 Bolivian pesos, seven working satellite phones, as well as guns and ammunition. Two suspects were also arrested and are expected to be charged with money laundering.

Also according to the chief, the aircraft left Santo Antônio de Leverger, 379 km (239 mi) from the capital, and was heading towards Bolivia. The chief said the seizure was made at the time that the airplane was taking off.

“An investigation by the narcotics agents, working with the environmental police and ongoing since August 2011, led to the farm which was serving as a drug trafficking route. We believe that the location was being used to distribute drugs throughout the country,” he told G1.

The chief added that the money will be turned over to the Federal Police (PF) and that they will continue to investigation to identify the other members of the gang. The suspects are being detained at the office of the Civil Police (PC), Narcotics division, in Cuiaba, while the charges are worked out.

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