Mar 5, 2012

Video: Brazil Violence Caught on CCTV

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| VITORIA, Brazil – Police surveillance cameras in Vitoria, Espirito Santo state, in the northeast of Brazil, often record scenes of amazing violence. Police say many of the acts are caused by drug and alcohol use and that the reasons are often banal.

Police surveillance cameras in greater Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil often record amazing scenes of violence.

Police CCTV in Vitoria (Photo: TV Gazeta/G1)

Transvestite Attacks Street Sweeper

Images aired by TV Gazeta show a city street sweeper being beaten by a transvestite on the edge of Itaparica beach. The assault happened around 11 o’clock in the morning. The sweeper tried to pick up a bicycle and leave but was prevented from leaving by the transvestite who punched and kicked him.

Video: Brazil's Violent Underbelly (Video G1 ES/TV Gazeta)

Fellow employees appeared on the scene but did nothing to stop the assault. The street sweeper and the transvestite struggled for 20 minutes before police arrived on the scene. The transvestite attempted to continue the assault even after police showed up, but was eventually subdued. Both the street sweeper and the transvestite were taken to the police station.

Street Fight Caught on CCTV

Also on the edge of Itaparica, more beatings were captured on the video. Several young men began fighting in the street. Motorists were frightened by the violence, which spilled out of the street and onto the seaside promenade. When a police cruiser passes by, the fight breaks up and the crowd scatters.

Cold-cocked for a cell phone

Next up on the video is a cell phone strong-arm robbery, also at the beach. The victim is cold-cocked and drops to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Police arrive on the scene and take the thief to the station.

Groom attacked after wedding reception

Not even wedding celebrations are immune from the violence. Next up shows celebrants leaving a nightclub and as the crowd pours into the street, a fight breaks out. The groom was even assaulted by several of the guests who punched him in the head.

The Secretary of Social Defense, Ledir Porto, says that these situations occur almost every day, especially on the weekends. “The police have a very large demand to break up conflicts in which people come to brawl for next to nothing. Drug and alcohol excesses change people’s behavior,” says Porto told TV Gazeta.

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