Mar 2, 2012

Sao Paulo Teen Shot in Head Didn't Know

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – A 15-year-old boy from Ribeirao Preto, in the interior of the state, says he was shot in the head two months ago and didn’t even know it.

X-ray of the head of a boy who was shot on New Years Eve and didn't know it. He has been carrying the bullet around in his head for two months.

X-ray of Boy Shot in the Head (Photo: Folha)

The boy says that he was playing in the streets of his hometown during New Years celebrations, when he heard a loud noise and felt something hit his head.

”I put my hand on my head, felt a big bump and saw that I was bleeding,” the youth told Folha.

As it was New Years Eve, he supposed that the noise was the bursting of a rocket and did not consider the possibility of having been shot.

“I thought maybe I was hit by a stone,” he said.

When he got home, his grandmother put a bandage on the wound and for two months, he says that he went about his life without being bothered by the bullet which he didn’t know was in his head.

“I played ball, went to school. It didn’t bother me.”

Then last Wednesday, his father took him to the hospital for an evaluation – not because the boy complained, he says, but because his father was worried about the “bump” that never properly healed.

At the hospital, it was confirmed: the boy had a bullet lodged in his skull. Doctors say that the bullet was extracted the same day and the boy sent home. The bullet was turned over to police for examination.

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Source(s) for this article: Folha de Sao Paulo

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