Mar 24, 2012

Giant Anaconda Attacks City Worker

Brazil News

| SAO LUIS, Brazil – A city worker in north-east Brazil was attacked on Friday by a 5 meter (16.5 foot) anaconda snake while cleaning a creak in the city of Imperatriz, Maranhão state. “I was pulled by the snake. Luckily, my colleagues were nearby and pulled me out with the snake and everything,” the worker told a reporter from TV Mirante.

Five meter giant anaconda was captured after attacking a city worker who was cleansing a creak in the north-eastern Brazilian city if Imperatriz, in Maranhao state, on Friday 23 March 2012

16-foot Giant Anaconda (Photo: TV Mirante/G1 MA)

The Fire Department was called and rescuers struggled to capture the snake. The animal was placed in a cage and taken away in a fire truck. The unusual scene attracted many onlookers who filmed and photographed the giant snake.

The anaconda was taken to the environmental police who will release it in a safe place. According to firefighters, during the rainy season, it is common to capture snakes in the streams that crisscross the city, which situated 641 km (398 mi) inland from the state capital, Sao Luis.

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