Mar 23, 2012

Spaniard Arrested with Cocaine in RS

Brazil News

| PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil – Federal Police (PF) in southern Brazil arrested a 55-year-old Spanish man trying to board a flight bound for Lisbon. According to the PF, agents at Salgado Filho International Airport in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul state, found 2.8 kg (6.17 lbs) of pure cocaine hidden in the man’s baggage.

Spaniard arrested trying to board a flight from Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil, bound to Lisbon, Portugal 23 March 2012, carrying almost 3 kg of pure cocaine.

Cocaine & Cash Hidden in Luggage (Photo:

During routine screening, the PF became suspicious of the man whom they say was behaving strangely. A closer inspection of his bags turned up the cocaine, as well as a large amount of cash – dollars, euros and reals. The drug was hidden in envelopes which were wrapped in sheets.

The man entered Brazil in the Center-West state of Acre, crossing the border from Peru, and traveled to the Southern Brazilian city of Florianopolis by road. From the Santa Catarina capital, he boarded a flight to Porto Alegre where he was to catch a connecting flight to Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, last night.

The Spaniard faces 5 to 15 year imprisonment if convicted of international drug trafficking.

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