Jan 12, 2012

Military Police Raid Rio's Shantytowns

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| RIO DE JANEIRO – On Thursday, the Military Police (PM) carried out anti-narcotics operations in the city's shantytowns, or favelas, for the fourth consecutive day. Authorities focused the raids on slums in the North and West Zones of the city.

Military Police raid favelas in the Rio de Janeiro's North and West Zones on Thursday, 11 January 2012

Rio's Military Police in Action (Photo: Futura Press/terra.com.br)

The Military Police Pacification of the Favelas

In the West Zone, PM shot a man after he confronted police in Vila Vintem, in Padre Miguel. Police of the 14th Military Police Batallion (Bangu) shot the man after he exchanged gunfire with them. The man survived and was taken to hospital for treatment. The suspect was armed with a rifle when police shot him.

The 27th Military Police Battalion (Santa Cruz) arrested three suspects for drug trafficking in the shantytowns of Rola and Antares. Those three were also armed with rifles and grenades and were in possession of cocaine, marijuana and police radios.

The Favelas

Thursday's actions were aimed at the favelas Faz Quem e Chapadao, in the North Zone, and Vila Vintem, Rola and Antares, in the North Zone. All of the operations occurred far from the tourist areas in the South Zone of Rio.

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