Mar 14, 2012

Woman Settles 50-Year-Old Grocery Bill

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| CURITIBA, Brazil – An 80-year-old retiree in southern Brazil has paid a debt she incurred with a grocery merchant over 50 years ago. The original debt was for ₢7,490 cruzeiros. The amount paid by the pensioner was R$150 reals (about $83 USD).

Bill dating back more than a half century is paid by woman in southern Brazil

Half-Century Old Grocery Bill (Photo: G1 PR)

The honesty shown by Mrs. Hermelinda Granado, also known as Linda, surprised merchant Celso Leitóles. He said the he didn’t remember the debt after so long. “She said ‘you do not remember, but I remember that I owe you. And I want to pay.’”

The pensioner said that at the time she could not pay the debt because her husband had been ill and that the family had gone through a financial crisis. “I was paying the debts with great sacrifice and never forgot the biggest account, with Celso,” she said.

The bill for the purchase had to be taken by granddaughters along with the updated value. She said she would like to have gone to see the merchant personally, but could not because of a problem with her legs, which prevents her from walking.

The itemized bill made by the merchant on the day of purchase, lists a package of sugar, three packages of coffee, two kilos of rice, a package of pasta, a kilo of lard, a kilo of beans and a container of butter. At the time the purchase was made, it was common in many establishments for merchandise to be sold on credit.

I didn’t want to accept, but the granddaughters said that if I didn’t Linda would feel very badly because she wished to pay,” said the merchant. “I think that there are still a lot of honest people. I was thrilled,” he added.

”Now I’m relieved and happy. Not owing anything to anybody. I was taught by my parents that honesty is everything!” concluded the retiree.

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