Mar 12, 2012

Homeless Man Lives in Graveyard Tomb

Brazil News

| BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil – A homeless man in Tres Pontas, in Southern Minas Gerais state, sleeps all day in a tomb in the city cemetery. Cristiano José da Silva, 61, who was a seminarian, says that he decided to leave home and live on the streets after his mother died.

Cristiano Jose Silva, 61, lives in the Tres Pontas cemetery, sleeping in tombs

 Cristiano José da Silva (Photo: EPTV/G1 MG)

Silva said he did not have children and he can’t remember for sure when he began to live in the cemetery. Silva believes that sleeping on the site is safer than in the streets. He said there was no escaping evil. “I love to sleep here. There is no safer place,” he told EPTV.

Even though he isn’t afraid of ghosts or spirits, the homeless man swears that he has spoken with the dead. “I’ve seen figures and talked to them,” he said. Before bed, Silva prays for the soul of acquaintances who have died. Then, he opens a tomb to use for shelter. Then, with difficulty that comes with age and years living on the streets, he enters and gets comfortable as he can. Despite the lack of amenities, he only complains of one thing: the scorpions. “I’ve been bitten five times,” he says.

The city manager said that he had no knowledge of the case but that he would go interview the man.

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